Saturday, December 1, 2018 – Sunday, December 2, 2018


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



On Saturday, don’t get gloomy and confused, now that Mercury retrogrades away from you and into Scorpio, let your mind gently clear itself, and watch your night dreams changing in nature. Your heart is the right place starting Sunday, when Venus enters Scorpio, and into one of your most sensitive zones; you don’t want to see anyone suffer this holiday season, so you are more than willing to lend a helping hand.


Tis the season to get out and mingle socially. On Saturday, meet up with your office members and have a connection with the boss tonight, if you can. Do Not raise any serious issues, just be friendly. Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday and you realize that you want to see all your friends at some point this holiday season. Start making arrangements.


Business transactions will take longer to accomplish now that Mercury retrograde slips into your business zone on Saturday. So be extra patient, and be glad when things get delayed. Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday, illuminating your business zone. You may be the big winner for the biggest bonus. Think positive and watch good things happen!  


Your imagination has the o.k. to fly free from boundaries, and you see what you are passionate about. But that doesn’t mean you have to express the things you see in your mind, now that Mercury slips into the water sign of Scorpio on Saturday. On Sunday, Venus enters Scorpio, and your spirit takes to soaring to places, where only your fruitful imagination takes you. Anything is possible in love.


You become intrigued by the mysteries of life and you become passionate about fixing life’s deepest problems now that Mercury slips into Scorpio. Try not to tackle joint financial matters have on until Dec. 6, 2018, when Mercury goes direct again. And then Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday, bringing some easing of the mind about those worrisome joint financial matters. However, you are a passionate lover who is desirable and sensual.


Show your love with action, not with words, now that Mercury slips into your relationship zone. On Saturday, partnerships need to be dealt with kid gloves, with caution, and with few words until Dec. 6, 2018, when Mercury goes direct again. Venus your ruler enters Scorpio, your relationship zone, and blesses all partnerships relating to love, and in any other capacity as well.


Mercury slips into Scorpio on Saturday, and into your general health zone. Urging you to get back to the gym and to get back to your usual healthy lifestyle that you may have been neglecting recently. When Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday, it gives you the added enthusiasm you need to get your life back on track, and to stop the feeding frenzy you may still be on from the last holiday…


You have been too serious in attitude and in a work mode, and on Saturday, now that Mercury slips into Scorpio, another water sign, you feel like someone is touching you on the shoulder and saying: “It’s party time!” Thank goodness Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday, and it allows you to start to enjoy the season of festivities, and in fact you are the leader of it this year!


Conflicts can arise in your home now that Mercury slips back into your domestic zone on Saturday. You have to make sure that you are as passionate about your family’s needs, as you are busy with your career. Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday your home zone, and you get in the mood to decorate, and bring the peaceful feeling of the season into your home.


Mercury retrograde slips into your communication zone on Saturday, and you have to watch what you say until Dec 6. 2018, when it starts to go direct again. Keep in mind any serious issue to be discussed until then, and wait patiently for the right time. Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday softening the words that come out of your mouth, lol, and so all you have to do is say positive things and not criticize, and you’re good to go…


Any holiday gifts you have to purchase, have to be contemplated about before you make the actual purchase. Mercury retrograde slips into your money zone, on Saturday, urging you to be aware of all expenses, and to create a budget first. Especially since Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday, further encouraging you to set that budget with love for one and all. And don’t forget to remember your own needs…


On Saturday, Mercury retrograde slips back into your sign, and you have to be aware of anyone who doesn’t mind hurting you, but please, do not get sucked into a ‘he said she said’ situation that won’t get resolved until Dec 6, 2018, and best be avoided. Take the high road! On Sunday,   Venus enters you sign of Scorpio, and no one can resist your charms. Your confidence goes up, up, up and you best get that hair style you desire, and get the holiday season in motion.


Today’s Happy Birthday:

Saturday, December 1, 2018.

In the coming year cycle you will be a go getter who will stop at nothing. You will put family first, and you will have to make sure you don’t upset the boss, or business partners in the process. You will have to be careful that you don’t put others’ interests before your own. You will be a lover not a fighter, and easily get into situations which do not have your own best interest in mind.

Good luck and God bless you.


Sunday, December 2, 2018.

In the coming year cycle you will be a go getter of the first degree, who can neglect your family’s needs, unintentionally, in the process. You will bring a sense of fairness in all you do when it comes to your friends and associates, and they will appreciate that. However, you will    have to be careful not to be a nitpicker who micromanages and become annoying.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

Saturday, Dec 1, 2018

Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio.

The Moon in Virgo makes an easy angle with Mercury.

The Mon enters Libra at 9:48 AM EST.

The Moon makes an easy angle with Jupiter and a hard angle with Saturn.


Sunday, Dec 2, 2018

The Moon is in Libra.

The moon makes an easy angle with the Sun.

Venus enters Scorpio.

The Sun makes a hard angle with Mars.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Pluto.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day











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By: Michelle Star