I was born to be an astrologer.

My first memory of Astrology was of being about four years old and the children were playing in the back yard of the apartment building in the rolling hills of the beautiful city of Haifa Israel where I was privileged to have been born. I remember asking every single one of them when they were born.

My father was handicapped, from his days in Second World War. He was born in Poland where it is Ukraine now. My mother was born in Russia in the Ukraine. My amazing mother studied in Russia at a time when only 2 percent of women went to university. She became a train engineer. My parents owned and operated a restaurant in Haifa.

We moved when I was five years old to a tiny little community on the outskirts of the Negev desert. Everyone living there migrated from various countries. None of the children spoke my language, and I didn’t speak theirs. But as children are sponges for knowledge, I learned to communicate with them. I was different than them and spent my life there in almost complete aloneness. Those were hard years that I call my years of solitude and meditation. I always considered myself a spiritual person, and those years defined me in my love for Astrology. It was me and the vast skies and incredible stars that seemed closer to the earth than I’ve ever seen. I felt as though I was part of the heavenly system. I have always been painfully shy and those years only exacerbated that condition. I was thirteen years old when we moved to the super lively city of Tel Aviv. It felt like the cork came off the champagne bottle! Life was something to celebrate! I would help my new teen aged acquaintances with their dating life astrologically, of course.

My family and I moved to Detroit Michigan when I just turned seventeen, where I finished high school. Never an easy age to go through culture shock. I packed up and moved to New York City a year later, and made my living as a model. My father worked as a tailor, haute -couture, and dressed in his clothing I got me many jobs. It was difficult due to the fact that my English was poor and my shyness didn’t help…

I eventually was privileged to grace the TV airwaves in New York with my call-in Astrology show, where people got to call for my advice, and were able to see my style in counseling. I have helped thousands of people. I must admit that one of the reasons I did those shows on a personal note was in order to become less shy, well, that didn’t work, but it made me very comfortable in front of the camera!

At this juncture in my life I’m way over being shy now and ready to do my work worldwide!

Astrology has helped me and my family and those whom I council for as long as I remember.

My message is: Never give up on yourself! Never!