May 12, 2015


Daily forecast for sun signs and rising signs.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences.



You must pay attention to a monetary situation and make sure it does not get out

of control. Keep expenditures to necessities only. Even with your friend’s best

intentions, they can’t tell what is in your best interest. it’s up to you to play it safe.

Today’s affirmation:

“I am in charge of my hard earned money.”


Mars joined your sign and with it also the idea that you may act hastily today. Put

the breaks on before you get involved with situations that can hurt your

reputation with your boss. Sign on only when you are sure of the consequences.

Today’s affirmation:

“I look before I leap.”


This is one of the best days of the month for you. Your job is super demanding,

but today of all days, you are not willing to give it your all. You need a day off, a

day to check out mentally. So go through the motions and do your job as best as

you can. Getting a schedule ready early on will ease your day considerably.

Today’s affirmation:

“Why is time moving so slowly today?”


Your mood can shift dramatically today, if you don’t make up your mind as soon

as you wake up that you will not succumb to any emotional yo-yoing. You are in

charge of your emotions, and you can see and keep the positive in your life in

your mind regardless of external circumstances.

Today’s affirmation:

“I don’t sweat the big or small stuff.”


Mars entered the business sector of your horoscope giving your confidence a

boost. Overconfidence can be detrimental, so try to find a balance between what

you know your abilities are and what you can physically produce today.

Today’s affirmation:

“I don’t have to finish everything in one day.”


Mars moved into Gemini giving your imagination room to soar. You can come up

with fine ideas. But you must put boundaries on how you intend to achieve the

goals you set for today. Try to harness your imagination to a workable plan.

Today’s affirmation:

“My brain is in conflict with my job.”


This is one of the best days of the month for you. If someone promises you the

Moon and the Stars in a financial matter with promises of grandeur, you are

mature enough to know that what is too good to be true, probably is. On the

other hand, someone may be looking to invest in your talent.

Today’s affirmation:

“I carefully read the label before I buy.”


Mars entered the relationship sector of your horoscope suggesting that you may

be possessive of our loved one. It can be charming, unless you go overboard in

which case it can cause arguments and reek havoc in your blissful arrangement.

Today’s affirmation:

“Why rock my boat with unattainable demands.”


Your job is becoming more demanding by the minute and you can resent it if you

wish, but you must get your chores done without complaint. Once you begin to

voice disapproval about small details, you will regret speaking out.

Today’s affirmation:

“I take the good with the unpleasant.”


You are involved with fortunate partnerships. However, they are looking to see if

you are fiscally responsible, so don’t promise more than you can deliver in a

financial transaction. Being daring is one thing but being a daredevil is another.

Today’s affirmation:

“I go out on a limb, yet responsibly.”


The Moon is in you sign and the power is with you. You can carve out a future

out of one day of meaningful conversations with the right person today. However

it has to be with someone whom you have vetted again and again without doubt.

And you must know that what you are about to say has been examined as well.

Today’s affirmation:

“I only speak when I know for sure what I’m talking about.”


There are places to go and people to see, but before you putĀ  the cart before the

horse, you must tend to the work necessary to do it right. Roll up your sleeves

and don’t be afraid to get a little bruised in the process of trying things out.

Today’s affirmation:

“I take my time and get things ready.”


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will have to pay attention to the smallest of details

when it comes to your finances in order to remain fiscally responsible. Your

income will be higher yet expenses will be higher as well. You will learn to find a

balance of how to walk the fine line of how to manage it. You will also come to

understand just how precious friendships are. You will do much for them and

they in return will do much for you. Love will find a way to blossom when it

begins as a friendship.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The Moon is in Pisces.

The Moon makes a hard aspect with Saturn, an easy breezy aspect with Venus.

The Moon conjoins Neptune and makes a hard aspect with Mercury.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a great day











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