May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020

Planetary layout:

The Moon and the Sun are conjoined in Gemini: New Moon at 1:36 PM EDT.

This is my take on Corona Virus aka COVID -19 as an astrologer.

We have been passively confined to our homes in quarantine for a couple of months now, now it’s time for ACTION.

We have learned a lot about this virus, but there is so much more to learn. We still don’t have a cure and we don’t have a vaccine. Vaccines are never a guarantee to come by, but we have hope that it will come. And quickly. A cure is not here yet either. And we are learning something new about this virus every day.  

Yet we have to live our lives. 

Tenacious Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, and destructive Pluto also in the sign of Capricorn, who got together and started this global mess, have turned human life on this planet upside down, and caused us to pause life as we knew it. These two heavenly bodies, are most persistent and patient. They are still sticking around, and continuing this disease and its path of death and destruction, for as long as they possibly can.

I will continue to point it out, astrologically, as things continue to unfold and to change, as it does today.

We humans, we are left with no choice but to adjust, and we must be just as patient and persevering in finding the cure. These two planets, (although constructive separately and under different circumstances), are highly destructive when they get together in this particular sign. They want us to start life as we know it to from scratch! To get back to zero, so that we start all over again, so we have climb up again, and chart a new course. They want us to stop living our lives as we have been doing, and to see how much damage they can cause. It’s not over yet. The virus is still going to have some ebb and flow:

Saturn has moved forward from Capricorn to Aquarius last March 21st. On the New Moon in Aries, on March 24, we had the New Moon from hell. It was when we started to stay quarantined from one another, as the first phase of how to heal the planet of this disease. That decision was a good thing for that time. Now, Saturn is sliding back,  in retrograde, in Aquarius, and it will go back to the sign of Capricorn as of July 1, 2020 and will be there to stay until December 17,2020, when it will enter Aquarius again, and will not be returning backwards to Capricorn. And even though Saturn and Pluto will be together in Capricorn again, they will not get to be as closely conjoined as they were in January 12th of this year, but the damage has already been done!


Yet, we have to live with these planets, still playing this dangerous game, while they are still circling us with their vicious circle.

However, the difference between then and now is:

In the time we spent in quarantine, (and good for humanity for making that wise choice), WE HAVE GAINED CONSIDERABLE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT COVID-19: Whom it may effect, and especially how the virus moves around and how it infects us from person to person. POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE we did not have at the time, but now that we do,


Today, on this May 22, 2020 with this New Moon in super active sign of Gemini, a new phase is beginning.

The phase in which we declare our Freedom and tell these planets to shove it! A day in which we begin to live as normally as we possibly can. Our ammunition against it, is our knowledge of how it moves around. And we have learned by now, how to keep it from effecting us.

So what have we learned so far?

We have learned that we have to:


KEEP A FACIAL MASK ON, when we are out or at work, engaging with people around us.

KEEP A DISTANCE of 6 feet from one another.

REFRAIN FROM TOUCHING SURFACES, and if we do, to wash our hands again.

And above all to NEVER TOUCH OUR FACE!!!

So while we are having the conversation about a cure and a vaccine, we have to remember that these two planets intend to destroy our life as we know it, IF WE LET THEM, with their persistence and determination. They want us to start life from scratch. They would like nothing more than to bring us back to zero, even by destroying our economy as well! They already wreaked havoc on us financially!! If we don’t start living cautiously somehow again, they would like nothing more than to bring us to our knees in all sorts of ways, even as far as deprivation of food!

Will we allow these planets to triumph over us? Hell, NO!


We must get out of our homes, out of our safety zone, and start doing what we know we have to do, what we CAN DO, and not allow this to continue passively in this way.

This New Moon in Gemini, is the beginning of phase two of the healing process.

We must thumb our noses at these planets, and show them the TRENGTH HUMANITY HAS SHOWN BEFORE IN HISTORY, when adversity was prevalent.

We must remember to:

BE PATIENT: this is all temporary.

BE CAUSTIOUS AT ALL TIMES: be kind and considerate to others.


And above all remember,


God be with us all.

Love you a lot,

Michelle Star

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