Saturday, June 20 – Sunday, June 21, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



On Saturday, the Sun enters your sign and your time of year begins! The confident Sun brings you out of your protective shell. And for the next four weeks it is your chance to make sense out of what has happened to us all recently, and to try to break out of it, and to personally reboot. On Sunday, the New Moon is in your sign and the year cycle begins for you with a bang! It gives you a flying start right off the bat! You come out swinging. There is so much promise in the air, and you intend to inhale the freshness of the opportunities that arise with this opportune time.  


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, and even though you may not like to be out of the limelight, it’s a blessing to have the next four weeks for meditation, and even though you have been on your own for recently, you still have some inner clarification to do, before you will be ready to break free when the Sun will enter your sign. Recharge your batteries, and make sure you make time to restore and to heal. On Sunday, the New Moon represents the start of your inner transformation, give yourself a chance to be a caterpillar before you become that butterfly.


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, signaling to you that you can improve on being tech savvy. And your social networking gets a chance to get going with new people flocking to your site. Videos will make your life easier in the world of not much freedom yet. This is your chance to show loyalty to the group you have been working with, and to get together every once in a while, whether by zoom sessions, or in person, distancing of course. On Sunday, the New Moon represents the jump start to an exciting time socializing, so if you remember how it used to be, get your coffee, if it’s lunchtime, or get a glass of wine if it’s dinnertime, and call up a friend.       


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, you are more than happy to get to your career, if you only get a chance to. You want to break down the chains that have held your imagination in check, and to show the world and to yourself, of what you are capable of. Given a chance! Roll up business sleeves, and have a good time trying. On Sunday, the New Moon gives you the push you may need, after being in the collective coma we’ve been forced to be under. You can do it! You have it all in you. This is the perfect day to get started.        


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, and your enthusiasm will grow. You will soar to higher altitudes and try to reach your potential with great imagination and spunk. The next four weeks are a fantastic time to make plans, to let your imagination run, and to put your life back in motion. On Sunday, the New Moon encourages you to purchase some books about how to improve your game, and to educate yourself while being entertained. If you are a very optimistic person, you may want to look into future travel plans… or on second thought, maybe not… this too shall pass.        


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, giving you more time to get to know someone on a more personal note. Intimacy follows the virtual fun and the love that you may have virtually found recently. Your need to understand this person, and to get closer, will be front and center. Try not to sign any joint documents unless you must, and even then, you need to review them carefully. On Sunday, the New Moon gives you the opportunity to wine and dine this special person, even if you have to cook yourself… or order in a romantic dinner, take out are being served…        


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, and your house of partnerships. Romance will be high on the list of priorities, and so you will be more protective about your relationships, and of those who are very close to you, and you will be able to develop stronger bonds that will serve you long after the next four weeks will have passed. Pick up your electronic device and get in touch. You will be received with open arms, even if they are virtual… On Sunday, the New Moon reminds you that today, is the best time to start creating these close bonds. Be open to phone calls from anyone who wants to see how you are doing.      


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, you may still be a little skeptical about being able to venture out from the prison we’ve been in… and you are not sure if you can physically handle strenuous exercise. The subject of health, ought to be the center of your attention for the next four weeks. Starting with Sunday, and the New Moon, which tells you that there is no time like the present to go out to the nearest park and prove to yourself that your muscles are still there, and that they are happily screaming for you to continue on the cycle to physical health. Your body is the temple to your soul. Oh, when will soul cycle open up again? Sigh…


On Saturday, when the Sun enters Cancer, you feel a need to be on a podium. You feel the need to be center stage, and to have a platform to show your skills and talents. In the next four weeks, you will have the urgency to get out and to have the best of times. You have had enough with all the problems we have been exposed to, and you long to get back to being the creative person you are. On Sunday, the New Moon comes on a weekend: what better time to start putting on the show that will entertain you and those who love you best. Have a few laughs and show your talent for entertaining us all.       


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, after all the trouble we have been experiencing, it makes you want to be as close as you can to those you love the most; your family. If you haven’t been able to see them close up, you will do everything in your power to do so now. On Sunday, with the New Moon, whether you are inclined to do a virtual barbecuing, get your family on zoom all together again, or if you have invited your family to sit in your back yard, distancing of course, you can have the liveliest summer solstice party ever. Enjoy responsibly!  


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, and your communication skills will be tested. Not to mention that Mercury is now in retrograde, making it more challenging to do whatever you are getting back to doing. You will need to be inclined to proceed with more caution, and with a slower speed than you anticipate. You will have to be flexible and go with the flow. On Sunday, with the New Moon, you want to get on your bicycle and to get around as a celebration of the summer solstice. Get your body moving and fill your lungs with fresh air.        


On Saturday, the Sun enters Cancer, and you will be able to lock in on a job that pays you better than you have assumed. You will want to be fiscally responsible for the next four weeks, and you will be inclined to shop for whatever is most necessary, and you will find items that are helpful to your career. On Sunday, the New Moon represents you getting in touch with those who have a job offer for you. Even though it’s Sunday, still, you will be inclined to make a crucial phone call that can change things for you, and create a bright future, especially for the foreseeable near future.


Today’s Happy Birthday:


In the coming year cycle you will possess so much positive vibrations and positive energy. You will be blessed with wisdom, and a way to move forward that will make have people come to get advice from you. You will be blessed with wonderful relationships and your insight will be sought by those who matter. You will be able to advance of career opportunities, and you will have the energy to follow through with all your intentions. Love will be possible with someone who is an independent thinker, and who is loving and spiritual.

Good luck and God bless you.



In the coming year cycle you will be an independent thinker, and you will challenge anyone who will not have faith in your abilities, and who won’t bring out the best out of you. You will be able to hold your own and to reject those, whose ideas do not go along with what you think is the way to move forward. Some will be in awe of you and will see you as the role model they need. Love will be possible with someone who needs open channels of communication with you at all times, and who sees life the way that you do currently.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:


The Moon is in Gemini.

Mars makes an easy angle with Jupiter.

The Moon a hard angle with Neptune.

The Sun enters Cancer at 5:44 PM EDT.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Mars.



The Moon enters Cancer at 2:02 AM EDT.

The Moon conjoins the Sun: New Moon at 2:42 AM EDT.

The Moon makes an easy angle with Uranus.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful weekend


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star