July 27, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



You are being your own worst enemy. You get divine answers and then you doubt them? That is a foolish thing to do. You find some ways to reduce the clutter in your office space, and you doubt your own findings? This is a day to make sense out of the space you have, and realize the items and gadgets that can make your work a little easier to get through a day’s work. Entertain yourself while you are doing all of the above.

Today’s affirmation:

“I entertain myself while I am at it…”


You conduct your business with one eye untrusting what the other one is seeing. In other words, you don’t necessarily believe the client you are facing; part of you does believe. Which brings the dilemma of how to proceed. Be polite, it could become the old ‘don’t call me I’ll call you’ routine. But it may be that if you research on the situation some more; you may be just a bit confused, yet that all will end up well.

Today’s affirmation:

“Are you, or are you not my baby.”


Try not to be too angry at the world. It has been quite an ordeal, and yet we have to, somehow, remain positive, and have faith in those with whom we used to work, that they will be there for us when this is more stable. Your family is the source of happiness today, as they are willing to dish out as much love on your plate as you can handle… no reason to get mushy…

Today’s affirmation:

“My family sooths my soul.”


The Moon is in your sign and you rule the day. When you need to hear encouraging words, don’t deny or discard them when you do get to hear them. Have faith that people care enough to give you the correct information you ask for. You, on the other hand, have the ability to inspire people and change the trajectory for the day. If you find resistance, remember to add your explanation no matter how complicated it seems, and no matter how long it takes.

Today’s affirmation:

“Let’s do this together for the sake of all of us.”


“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”: remember when your mother said this to you? Yes it is summertime. Yes, these days we have to be creative to have fun. You may even have invest some $ to make sure that you have a source of entertainment. But that doesn’t mean that you will be able to satisfy the others’ appetite. Or perhaps that person is not as sincere as you would like them to be. Please yourself.

Today’s affirmation:

“I follow the road of least resistance.”


Please, don’t get inpatient with the speed at which whatever is happening in your home. Don’t let it upset you. People may be talking, but they are thinking good thoughts about you. Get out, socialize distance and take walks at a brisk pace, to let off steam that may be gathering behind your ears… Lol. Life is more complicated than we would like it to be, and we must rely on our friends when we need some support.

Today’s affirmation:

“Can we meet for a walk and talk?”


You may an item that you just have to purchase? Something that can help both your career and appease someone who needs the item as well? The internal struggle is real. For one thing; you don’t have to buy the item. For another, even if you choose to, reluctantly, perhaps because of the price tag attached, it’s all good. It may just be the ticket to the heart of this other person, to prove that you are an asset after all.

Today’s affirmation:

“I am trying to be of help.”


This is one of the best days of the month for you. You have many ideas of what to do with your place of dwelling. You are spending so much time at home these days, and you want it to be the kind of place where God lives, and where your spirit gets a chance to rest from a volatile world. But the price tag can upset any one. On the other hand, maybe you don’t have to spend a nickel. Rearrange the furniture, and have the spiritual life you crave.

Today’s affirmation:

“I Fung Shui my home.”


You may be starting a whole lot of trouble without even knowing that you started it. Be mindful of your surroundings, and of how you treat people and what you say to them, even in jest. You may be trying to unload some pressure off your chest, but they will take it personally, unless you make it very clear that you want to talk about your own situation. You need to remind yourself that self love is a healing tool. 

Today’s affirmation:

“There are problems to surmount these days…”


Relationships are highlighted. You try so hard to keep the peace even though your mind is angry with some issue that has yet to be resolved. Don’t be so angry with yourself. Your vision is right on the money, but the timing is difficult to have any kind of control over, because of the global situation we find ourselves collectively in. Have compassion for other and even more for yourself, and let time do its thing.

Today’s affirmation:

“It all takes extra time nowadays.”


When you are sending off such loving vibrations that can engulf the world, you wonder why some people are not willing to engage in your interests, and may be even contradictory to what you want to achieve today? The good thing is you don’t need any assistance from them. Your determination and sweetness are enough to carry you through a day that is both challenging and rewarding.

Today’s affirmation:

“I am an island of hope and strength.”


This is one of the best days of the month for you. Try not to be too sensitive when the boss expects something from you, or when you hear it as something unacceptable. When in fact, it’s a usual request, but it sounds harsh to you today. Think about all the good things this boss has brought to your life, and smile. You are making money? That is good enough these crazy days.

Today’s affirmation:

“Life is complicated.”


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will make changes, if you find that what you have started, hasn’t taken root, considering the global situation we happen to be in. You may want to change your address. If you stay where you live, you may want to start a business right out of your home. Set it up so that it gives your soul a place that is comfortable. Fung Shui your home and make it a happy place for your family, as well as a place where you can be productive. Love will be possible with someone who is trustworthy, and who may be too eager to please others.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The Moon enters Scorpio at 00:12 AM EDT.

The Moon makes a hard angle with the Sun.

Jupiter makes an easy angle with Neptune.

Venus makes a hard angle with Neptune.

Mercury makes a hard angle with Mars.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Uranus.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star