Saturday, October 31 – Sunday, November 1, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



Saturday’s Full Moon in your Sun sign brings your love life to the forefront. You want to treat your relationship with kid gloves; no prying or nagging, and no trying to come up with any answers that you may want to know. Just have a nice day, with maybe a short getaway to a nearby neighborhood to try a new kind of ice cream. On Sunday, relationships are highlighted again. It’s a truth promoting day where you can find the answers you’ve been looking for, and maybe even a little conversation about your feelings, as long as you know that the truth will come out bluntly, and that you may say more than you expect to say.


On Saturday’s Full Moon, you may have to break up between coworkers who are having a dispute, one that can easily get sucked into, and to which there will be no resolve, and which may make your friends there look at you in a different light. And you want to keep them looking at you in a positive light. On Sunday, which happens to be at the beginning of the month, you are making a pact with yourself to take care of your diet, and to have a healthier lifestyle from now on. No more quarantine ‘excuses’? It’s tough, I know.


Saturday’s Full Moon brings out the best out of your love life. You are excited to be alive, even in these trying times. If single, you have faith that you can find a true love on the internet. Give it a try, what have you got to lose? But make sure that you verify who you are talking to. If you already in a relationship, this can be one fun day! Sunday you feel like seeing your children or your friends, for a game of cards, or whatever you traditionally used to do when you got together. Can you do that virtually? Enjoy the weekend responsibly!


On Saturday the Full Moon shows your home life for what it had become. Is there something that needs your immediate attention? Have people came to visit and haven’t left and you don’t know what to do about it? This is the perfect day to give them the boot, and send them back home where they belong. Kiss kiss… On Sunday, there may be someone who wants to know more about you than you are willing to tell? Because they want to pry every little detail, and you may be wise to not divulge everything. What’s personal has to stay personal.


On Saturday, the Full Moon brings out the best in you. Being a naturally curious person who wants to understand all sorts of people, and who loves to get to know your surroundings, this is a fine day, weather promoting, to get out and about. Smell the fresh air and ride your bike. On Sunday, you have your opinions and you are willing to listen to others’ opinions. You may even make up your mind about someone whom you may want to stay friendly with, or let go of. Or maybe you are the forgiving kind, hopefully.


Saturday’s Full Moon brings you up close and personal with your wallet and with how you would like to manage your finances. There must be a better way, and you would love to get a better handle on it. Try not to spend unintentionally or impulsively, and if you happen to, forgive yourself in advance! Sunday puts you in a predicament that you may be asked to speak your mind, and spill secrets about something that’s dear to you. But please don’t fall into that alluring trap. If there are talks you have to discuss, why not wait until next week?


On Saturday, the Full Moon is in your Moon sign and you rule the day. The focal point is on you and on your ambitions. Make a plan and stick to it, and these future ambitions will see the light of day, when you set your mind to it. And as for today, rejoice in all that you have been busy working on and raise a glass of champagne to being a bright light in someone’s life. Think of how you can be a joyful addition in someone’s life who may have a bleak outlook on us nowadays. Sunday cautions you to take a closer look, at what is holding you back from being your best physical shape, and to start to make a plan about a new way to get healthier, at this time of crisis.


On Saturday, on this Full Moon, you may want to count your blessings, and to think about whom you would like to bestow charity on? Send some money to a charity that needs funds at this time of crisis, and it will make you feel so much better; about yourself and even about the world. While on Sunday, you know that you can’t get into the next week, before you clean up the messes of this week. Once you clear and clean up your personal space, you will be so happy and ready to face the world. This is a good time to let go of emotional issues that have been going on for a long time. A good cleansing is good for the soul.


On Saturday’s Full Moon, making friends comes easily to you today, and who knows, this may be a friendship that may last a lifetime, or you may be coming upon an exciting partnership. Fun will be had wherever you show up, but be careful about over indulging in drinks or food. On Sunday, someone from your past may show up on your door step or pop up on your messenger. It is up to you if you are interested in rekindling this friendship or not. Why not give it a chance and see how things develop?


On this Saturday’s Full Moon, being respected for your accomplishments makes you stand out in the eyes of higher ups, and may even give you a way to discover new venues associated with what you are already involved in presently. They are listening to as much information as you are willing to deliver. On Sunday, it isn’t necessary for you to show the cards you are interested in playing with, and you it won’t be good to brag about anything you feel like shouting about… the more you show your hand, and the more you talk about your accomplishments, the more envy you will produce. Not a good idea. Peace.


Saturday’s Full Moon makes you feel like a million bucks and just as optimistic. You can see your life stretching in front of you with promise and with unlimited possibilities. Even at this time of insecurity and crisis, you are looking forward to life’s whispered promises. Sunday brings forth the idea that perhaps you do feel a little insecure about a monitory situation that is not in your control. It may straighten itself out next week, so don’t spend your time worrying, enjoy your life sharing experiences, but don’t be arguing please…. respect others opinions… that is what the foundation to freedom is all about: opinions. Amen.


Saturday the Full Moon may test your patience with some who don’t know about their boundaries with you, and who don’t mind stepping on your feet to get to their destination. You need to rise above the temptation to let them have a piece of your mind, or you will end up feeling foolish. Let them say what they will about you, the only person you have control over, is yourself. On Sunday you have to watch every little word that comes out of your mouth, because it will be dissected and scrutinized. To avoid such a situation, listen more, pay attention, but speak as little as possible. You don’t need to have these particular people understand you or see things your way. It’s their loss, anyway.


Today’s Happy Birthday:


In the coming year cycle you will finish up on all loose ends as you will be making major decisions about your future. You may be interested in making alliances with new people who bring exciting opportunities, but don’t feel that you have to make up your mind just yet. Build relationships first, see how they develop, and if you are compatible. Love will be possible with someone who is looking for their perfect match, who is stubborn and who loves to take life on with bravery.

Good luck and God bless you.



In the coming year cycle you will be wise to see that each and every little detail in your business dealings, is well looked over, so that there will be no room for errors. You will try to find the real meaning to life, and the real meaning to your life. You will learn it’s important to treat yourself as you would others; with more gentleness and with more forgiveness. Love will be possible with someone who is a little reserved, and who doesn’t like to flaunt their ideas, and who doesn’t like to be micromanaged.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:


 The Moon is in Taurus.

The Moon makes an opposition to the Sun: Full Moon at 10:49 AM EDT.

The Moon conjoins Uranus.

The Sun makes a hard angle with Uranus.



The Moon is in Taurus.

The Moon makes an easy angle with Neptune and an excellent angle with Jupiter.

Mercury makes a hard angle with Saturn.

The Moon makes an excellent angle with Pluto and an excellent angle with Saturn.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful weekend


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star