Saturday, November 14 – Sunday, November 15, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



The New Moon this weekend represents your collective birthdays. This is the day that your trajectory will be aimed at results. Set a goal, begin what you want to see grow in your life, water it, take care of it, and it will show the outcome you are hoping for. On Sunday, you will have to learn to hold your ground and demand equal time, where it comes to what you want to see happening, and not succumb to pushy people pushing their story on you, and disregarding your story that you have to tell. Stop those who want to stop your progress, but do it in a way that doesn’t hurt your reputation. It can be a tricky situation that needs to be handled with kid gloves.


The New Moon this weekend is made for you to stay in, curled up on the couch, streaming to your pleasure, and then leisurely spend time in meditation, in complete silence away from everyone. The stressful time we live in has taken its toll on your psyche. It will set you up for a week where you can center yourself as preparation for the Sun approaching your sign. On Sunday, you desire to purchase an outfit to fit your mood, but at the same time you don’t want to spend any money. It’s about priorities and how to spend wisely, versus on what peer pressure or commercials enticing you to think you have to spend your hard earned money on.  


The New Moon this weekend, reminds you that you may need to change the dynamics within the group you are associated with, and it gives you the chance to show that you belong there, and that you want to be an integral part of it, and that your input is the kind they need. There is something special you see there that rings your bell. On Sunday, you want to have a gentle hand in all that you do, but somehow, it doesn’t come off that way. What you get, are people thinking that you are too demanding or standoffish, even though you try your darnest. Some days you just have to throw your arms up, and hope that your message is a sweet one. They’ll come around when they are ready.


The New Moon this weekend, had you think of the new way you have to operate your business, with all the added responsible restrictions you must incorporate into your daily routine in which to run your business, and it seems daunting and exhausting just to think about it… but… we have no choice, all of us, you included. Just remember; you can make it! On Sunday, if you are involved in a relationship that isn’t a healthy one, this is your chance to feel your strength, and to know that you will be able to make it on your own: turn around and leave, and remember the good times. If you have just met someone you are interested in, this will be a relationship that is different from the rest, and which can change your life. You do have to make sure that it’s the change you want to partake in.


The New Moon this weekend you feel a sense of elation and that everything will be possible, and that as soon as the world opens up you will be able to fly like a bird. You want to have a positive approach and a positive mental state. No one can stop you from hoping and from having faith. You have had it with the pessimistic views and are ready to bring light into people’s lives. On Sunday, you have to be careful of the green eyed monster. There is no reason for you to feel as though you have less value than someone who is in a better position that you think you are deserving of. There is enough room in this world for the both of you to prove how wonderful you are individually. 


The New Moon this weekend you feel the burden of the world on your shoulders, and as much as you would like to lighten up your mood, you find it difficult to avoid. But you need to put things behind you and have bygones be bygones, and to start from scratch, if you have to. Sign the dotted line onto a partnership, only if you are one hundred percent sure that you want to work with everyone involved. On Sunday, you want to have a career in which you have less responsibility. You want your life to be more leisurely. If there is a suggestion that you work together with your loved one, know that it can become an obligation that is way too much. However, should it succeed, this has the potential to make you a power couple.   


The New Moon this weekend speaks loudly about your relationships. This is your once a year chance to set a new foundation to your relationship. To strengthen it and to come to new agreements and to see if a new plan will work for you for the long run. If you find that it’s a lost cause, that your needs are not answered that your feeling don’t matter, that there is no interest in hearing your voice, this could be curtain time. Maybe… On Sunday, you may need to reschedule for the sake of your physical health, switch appointments up to free up your time to get some form of exercise. Get your family involved and it will be lots of fun. A family that exercises together stays together…


The New Moon this weekend has you reflect on the past few months, and on how it has impacted you physically. You may want to schedule an appointment for your yearly check-up. Remind yourself that the best is yet to come, as long as you are healthy, everything will work out. Time to take care of number one, who then in return, takes care of the whole family. If you are depleted of energy how could you care for anyone? On Sunday, relationships are highlighted, as you want to make sure that someone you have an interest in dating knows about it, even if you may not be too tactful about how you approach that person… it’s alright, passion is an aphrodisiac… Or have a romantic dinner with your loved one, if you are already hitched, and strengthens the union. 


The New Moon this weekend reminds you that life is for the living, and you intend to live it up responsibly as much as you can, with all the restrictions involved. This is your chance to show your employer that you are an asset who is not afraid to see how life develops and who is not afraid to work responsibly as well, in the complicated world we live in today. On Sunday, you find a way to put your foot down, to sort of, and make demands in a charming, of course, yet no nonsense way, and to explain, that the boundaries you are creating, are in order to accommodate an important relationship, not to hider it.


The New Moon this weekend your home is asking for your attention, because it may not accommodate you the way it used to. You may be thinking of uprooting and going to another dwelling altogether? And if someone thinks that you ought to be running your business from your home, you may have to think twice, because it could be the wrong decision long term. On Sunday, gossip by the water cooler can have an impact on your standing in that company you work for, if you get involved even in the slightest way. Why get down to the muck and mire, when there is nothing you can do about someone else’ situation. You will be noticed in a positive light, if you keep away, keep classy and above the fray.


The New Moon this weekend has you desiring to get on the phone and see a friend eye to eye, or even if it’s only ear to mouth, and discuss your trials and tribulations and all the problems you have had to solve in this complicated world. Or if you can meet in person, that would be fabulous. It will rejuvenate you and then you will be able to get back to your life with a whistle on your lips. On Sunday, money helps to make money, and if you are asked to invest in a company that you are passionate about, it could turn out in your favor. However, should this opportunity come with strings attached, and is not something your heart is into, it’s best to stay far away from a situation that may last longer than you would want it to.


The New Moon this weekend has you rearrange the way you see your money making ability. Life as we know it has changed, and the way you make your money is in a state of change. You have to go with flow of the times and not resist this change. It can be for the better, if you relax, be a little flexible and listen to the signs of the time. On Sunday, your love relationship is connected to how you perceive life and is in a state of flux as well. This can develop into a more mature kind of love, the kind that takes into consideration the whole family, and not just about your feelings alone. It will give you peace of heart, to know that if you get over this hurdle, you can stay together forever.


Today’s Happy Birthday:


In the coming year cycle you will see your hard work taking shape and you will see the success you have been waiting for. You may go from being in a partnership that made you money in the past, to going solo and enjoying the journey much more this way. No hard feeling of course. You will start fresh even if you have been doing the same thing for ages. You will give it a renewed feeling and you will be happy about the results. Love will be possible with someone who has a strong personality, know what she/he want and who is careful, and plans steps forward strategically. 

Good luck and God bless you.



In the coming year cycle you will be a money making machine, who hopefully, will learn to save some and then enjoy to spend some. You will have good times entertaining in small gatherings in order to promote your career. You will be glad to be of help to friends in need, but you will have to stay away from idle gossip that can tarnish your good name, when there is no reason at all to get involved. Love will be possible with someone who is a little demanding and who has a clear vision of what they want out of life.  

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:


The Moon is in Scorpio.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Uranus.

The Sun makes an easy angle with Pluto.

The Moon makes an excellent angle with Neptune.

The Sun makes an easy angle with Jupiter.

The Moon makes an easy angle with Pluto.



The Moon in Scorpio makes an easy angle with Jupiter.

The Moon conjoins the Sun New Moon at 12:08 AM EST.

The Moon makes an easy angle with Saturn.

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:47 AM EST.

Venus makes a hard angle with Pluto.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful weekend


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star