Part 2: My Take on Coronavirus AKA Covid-19. The EXIT.

On March 24, 2020 I wrote the first article about my take on the ARRIVAL of Coronavirus.

This article is about the EXIT of this virus.

Astrologically, I put the date of December 17, 2020 as the official beginning of the END of Coronavirus.

On December 17, 2020 Saturn will leave the sign of Capricorn and enter the sign of Aquarius.                                 That will change everything! Good-bye and good riddance!!! Let’s celebrate and have much HOPE!!

Vaccines are becoming available as if by clockwork together with the stars’ timing and message!  

The exit will be slow. It could take until the end of next year, 2021. And hopefully won’t spill into 2022.

The progress we will make will be a slow one, with plenty of bumps along the way. Bumps that are already indicated as of January of 2021: ever decisive Saturn will be occupying the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, and rebellious Uranus is occupying stubborn Taurus. They will be squaring off and try to top one another in competition of how to slow the process down. Fiery Mars, will finally be leaving Aries, on January 6, 2021, after six months of tirelessly aiding and abetting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, in their relentless pursuit of destruction, and moving on to the sign of Taurus. This will help in breaking their spell even further.                                                                                                                                                                              

The winter of 2021, will not be an easy time astrologically, when it comes to this virus, specifically from January 6, 2021 to January 21, 2021. It will be filled temporary shut downs, and with vaccinations which will not be available for each and every one yet. Yet huge progress will be made, which will help most who receive the vaccination, but with the possibility that some bodies will reject it in some way.

Here are some more dates of the most difficult times in our progress toward healing in the year 2021:

From July 1, 2021 until mid-July we will be able to manage our life in a more efficient manner, but with all sorts of setbacks that fortunately, will be short lived.   

From the first week in November 2021 until the fourth week in November 2021 although difficult, However, this period could also be the time of our emancipation from this virus, and the beginning of us being able to manage it successfully on a long term basis.

The virus itself is here to stay permanently. Humanity will have to learn how to deal with it, the way we have dealt with viruses that came before.

Let’s go back and see how this developed in the first place:

Plant Saturn, that plotting tenacious planet, and Pluto, the slowest moving planet in the galaxy – Pluto entered Capricorn on January 5, 2008. This patient, manipulative, insatiable planet, together with Saturn which entered Capricorn to join Pluto already there, on December 19, 2017. They have been patiently moving together, gliding side by side like along our galaxy like the best of buddies for the past couple of years. It took a year for them to gather up all the momentum they needed. And then came the day in which they were locked in conjunction. This conjunction happened on – January 12, 2020, which I see as the astrological birth date of Coronavirus – now together, they were powerful enough to unleash their wrath worldwide. Like thieves in the night, they have conspired to create much chaos and destruction on our planet and on our society. They didn’t care whom they would hurt, as long as they hurt everyone in their path of obliteration.

These are serious and powerful planets in their own right. Individually, they change the scenery wherever they go, and when they get together, in any sign, there are some serious problems to solve.

However, once they get together in the persistent, industrious, cathartic and karmic sign of Capricorn – watch out! What you get is a combustion of energies greater than any other planet can hold back. Like Planet Jupiter, the good natured, noble and generous planet, which happened to take up space, as it entered the sign of Capricorn as well, starting on December 2, 2019. Jupiter tried to hold this disastrous energy back, but it wasn’t much help. It wasn’t strong enough to hold back the deathly influences we have experienced. In fact it only managed in spreading this disease boundlessly all around planet Earth.

The last time Saturn and Pluto got together in conjunction in the sign of Capricorn, was three hundred years ago. That year started the horror of the African slavery trade on planet Earth.

Looking forward earlier on in my life, I shuddered at the thought of what could, or what would happen when this conjunction was to come to pass in 2020.

Now I know… now we all know what was in store for humanity. 

Finally, and not a moment too soon, this connection, this love affair between those planets is to coming to an end! They are breaking up their partnership on December 17, when Saturn exits Capricorn and enters the next sign after Capricorn: Aquarius.

It is most interesting to me, is that in conjunction with the departure of Saturn from Capricorn, allowing for the breakup of these two powerhouse of planets, and the signal of a new day, the signal of hope and healing, that the VACCINES are coming out and become immediately available for humanity to use!! Like Clockwork!!                        We will see progress at last. Already we see the expediency of the vaccine that has been created for humanity to start TAKING BACK OUR POWER.

Let’s take a look at the numerology of this year: the number 2020 is so powerful as well: when you add 2 plus 2, you come up with a 4. Among other attributes, some positive and some negative, (like everything else in life), the number 4 in itself represents a fundamental shake up. With a double number appearing, as in 2 plus 2, the shock value can double as well. Like the four legged chair you are sitting on, which suddenly folds under you and you find yourself looking for other ways to be supported by the universe. The number 4 is the number associated with uniqueness: this year has been nothing but unique on every level! The number 4 is also associated with a relentless work ethic; this disease relentlessly kept on doing a heartless job on us all. But so have we: we have relentlessly been working to be rid of this virus with expediency on creating a vaccine that is unmatched. And humanity will win! Number 4 is a powerful number: In the Bible it represents the creative ability of God: At the very start of the Bible, on the 4th day of the creation, God made the Stars the Moon and the Sun!                                                                                                                                                           We are now moving into a number 5 year, 2021, which will free us from the grip of the year we are surviving. This is yet another way of looking at the exit of this universal nightmare.

It’s a reset button that the world is experiencing on a global and on an individual level. On a personal level, we know that we will never be the same, and that within our relationships we will never be the same. How will this change us? Will we now be the wiser for it, and treat each other with more kindness? I am an optimist and I have faith in the human race.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Will other calamities happen to planet Earth and its inhabitants again as time goes by? Of course.

Let’s stick to this particular configuration. The next time these two giants of planets will get together in the sign of Capricorn, will be in the year 2255, but they will never be conjunct at that time, they will be not close enough, so that their influence will be weaker that year, and their power will be greatly diminished. 

It won’t be until December 6, 2754, on that New Moon in Sagittarius, that we will see this conjunction again! This date will signify the birth date of yet another disaster. What will happen then? The year of 2755 could be even worse than this year has been, because not only will Pluto and Saturn and Jupiter again will occupy the sign of Capricorn, but also Chiron and the nodes of the Moon will all be congregating in the sign of Capricorn as well, and aid in the creation of imbalance and obnoxiousness and power. This time with the number 9 appears three times: The date 12-6-2754, holds with in it: 3 plus 6, 2 plus 7, and 5 plus 4. Almost every possible combination of 9…. And the year itself, 2754 adds up to number 9 as well. Number 9 represents, among other attributes, good and bad, a divine number of wisdom and responsibility, and the highest number of help and support. How will that manifest in that year? Will it be a religious spiritual war of beliefs?                                                                                                                                                                            We will be occupying other planets by then. Will Earthlings be warring between galaxies?

The day when we move forward unencumbered by this burden is coming nearer.

Let’s move forward with these vaccinations.

The ends to this nightmare is here!

God bless our planet Earth.

God bless us all.

Love you lots,

Michelle Star

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