March 19, 2021


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



No matter what you think, or that you may not think positively today, or think that you can’t accomplish whatever it is you are supposed to accomplish today, you possess the energy to start from scratch and come up with the best work for the week. Unless… you get a text from a family member who starts telling you their tale of wow that has you wasting time in muck and mire…   

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for my crazy family.”


You have so much spunk and verve that you don’t know what to do with today, to the point that someone may even tell you to calm down. Contact everyone whom you need to discuss something important with, and have that conversation you needed to have. Make it your priority to keep it cordial: your energy can be confused as aggressive when it’s just sheer energy and determination.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for knowing myself.”


This is a fine day to talk business. Make contact about your pay, should you be owed money. Or negotiate a business project and how much you can make for it. You have to tweak an aggressive sound to your voice, and keep the conversation to this one subject. You can get real stride with this conversation, and come to a better relationship with whomever you work with and work for.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for furthering my career.”


You can feel a jolt of energy and determination as Mars joins the moon in your sign and has you chasing your dreams with vigor. Let naysayers have their say, but they do not occupy your body and mind, and have no idea how passionate you are today about your ventures and ambitions. Bring your project for all to see, and start a successful advertising campaign.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for great opportunities opening up again.”


No matter how skeptical you may be about today’s potential to do any good for you, but in the center of it all, there is you and what is most precious to you. Beyond the tangible issues, the practical issues that don’t matter so much today, there is you and your deep connection to your heart and soul. The more charitable you are towards others who are needy, the more you love yourself.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for giving charitably.”


The whole trick is in the approach today. You are on fire when you have the whole group gathering, in person or by zoom, and you have to present your view on the subject at hand. You can make the greatest impression on those who are running the show. So keep it to the point and don’t turn it into something where you get your emotions involved. Express how passionate you are, but stop at that.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for keeping it real.”


You are in your elements today, when you have to prove your efficiency and your dedication. You are what makes the whole company work in harmony today. You only have to be careful to not get anyone upset at some detail that they may not want you to express or expose for all to hear. Stick to the facts of the subject at hand, and you will show the authority you have over it.  

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for being in demand.”


You are passionate to start doing what you used to love to do. This could be the first day that you are fired up enough, and starting to have joy enough that your imagination and ambition are pumping through your veins, and you start writing and creating the life you want to get started again. Dream big and get your tools ready for the near future to become the happy person you know.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for starting my life all over again.”


Your determination gets a new meaning, as you are as passionate about life and everything that is part of it, and you are passionate about your love life to the point that if you were somewhat shy or reluctant about joining a dating site, today you are ready to naturally click on join. Or perhaps, go on that first date with someone you have had in your sight. You are confident in who you are. 

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for being confident in knowing who I am.”


You are so excited about life and about speaking to someone who you are interested in romantically, or with someone who can further your career that everything comes out of your mouth all at once. You are just a fireball of energy and enthusiasm. You certainly don’t need as much coffee as you normally take. You may come on too strong, but you will be successful in the end.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for having great conversations.”


This is your day to get everything you need organized. You are compelled to want things orderly so that you can see a clear room with a system which will inspire you to spend a more productive time there. You are super detail oriented today, which in itself is a great thing, but when you take it over the top, it can make you crazy. So give up on the detail, it is good enough and leave it at that…

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for putting a system in place.”


We can’t go back to being children again, but you can keep the child in you alive and kicking, no one can stop you there. And today, you are connected to the very core of what makes you happy and excited about life. You can come up with a thrifty way to expand your wardrobe to who and what represents who you are becoming, however you see yourself. Kiss yourself in the mirror…

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for the happiness I feel.”


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will be connected to your roots and to your ancestry, and you will make decisions based on a deep knowledge of who you are and where you come from. You will have a great feeling that you have to leave some things behind in order to be able to move forward. Love will be possible with someone who is artistic in nature, and who has deep roots themselves.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The Moon is in Gemini.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Mercury, conjoins Mars and an excellent angle with Saturn.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star