Saturday, July 17 – Sunday, July 18, 2021


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



On Saturday, when you have to tell someone an important piece of information that will change your lives, this is the chance you have to take, and the day could be today. Start now. On Sunday, you are in a powerful position to influence those who are creative and are a part of your posse. You have high expectations for them. They won’t disappoint.


On Saturday, you may have your hands tied behind your back, but some days in life you have to wait and see how things change and how things develop. Stay positive. On Sunday, relationships are highlighted, and as such, this is your chance to ask for what you need, and for what can thrust you forward in your career.   


On Saturday, you are not as afraid as some to make drastic changes, and you accept a challenge with gratitude and with a spirit of humor and hope. Sunday, is a boost to your confidence. You know your value and you know what you can bring to the table. This can be the turning point that you need to explore. Unearth the information you need.


On Saturday, this is a day of decisions that can change your life. You don’t have to make them, but should that appear, don’t look away when you recognize something that makes you feel alive again. Embrace it and develop it. On Sunday, you want nothing more than to have a beautiful summer Sunday! Do whatever you heart desires, and enjoy it rain or shine!


On Saturday, you can feel the wind of change breathing down you neck, and you may find some revelations that will free your soul to move forward unencumbered. On Sunday, you feel burdened staying home. But the truth is, you don’t have the energy to paint the town. And what is wrong with putting your feet up and enjoying your TV?


On Saturday, you like to take a chance where you can make more money. Today, could be the day that changes your life that will make you be able to make a better living. On Sunday, life can be a beautiful thing when you hear intriguing and memorizing stories that ignite your imagination. But you must not repeat them to anyone else. It won’t be the compassionate way to act.


On Saturday, some things can change on the dime, and some things drag on as if forever! It’s your choice if you want to make a change, or if you intend to not budge because you can’t decide. On Sunday, with business on your mind, you can call yourself lucky to come up with a grand plan which has a potential to make you some grand money. But it’s awfully difficult to get to.


On Saturday, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. In a day of strong feelings and strong intuitions, it’s in your attitude that you find the greatest changes in you. On Sunday, with the moon in your sign, your wish is our command. Especially when you ask so sweetly, and are too charming to deny you anything you want. On the inside are you tormented? Don’t be that!


On Saturday, you may have to admit that you can’t do everything on your own. You may not want to get anyone else involved, but it looks like you must. On Sunday, you like to stay in the sweetness of your privacy, and to shut the world behind. For just this one day. Maybe launder some intimates… 


On Saturday, have you ever heard the expression that you can’t change anyone but yourself? It couldn’t be truer today. You must do some changing in yourself, and you will shine and be admired! On Sunday, you will find a way to get out and about if it’s the last thing you do! No one and nothing can stop you from socializing when life is freer and fun is ripe for the taking.


On Saturday, if you could only find whether you want to go left or right, up or down, there wouldn’t be any problem. However, to have to make up your mind is infuriating… lol. On Sunday, your sense of obligation is stronger than your ability to have an option to do as you please. You don’t mind TCB because you just want to see the project cranking and banging on. 


On Saturday, you must be itching to take on a responsibility that you wish to sink your teeth into. However, it does take a village to make this venture come to life. On Sunday, communication flows easily. Speak from your heart, and who knows, you may find a traveling companion in the process. 


Today’s Happy Birthday:


In the coming year cycle you will look forward to continue to do as you have been, but you won’t want to do so in the same old way. Nothing will stop you from finding a person to partner up with, in order to make the changes that are impossible to avoid. Love will be possible with someone who is easy to look at and who likes to make money their way.

Good luck and God bless you.



In the coming year cycle your career will be connected closely with those who are assisting you. The internet will play a part in your success. You will be creative and know your mind. You will be free spirited and you will know how to enjoy yourself daily. Love will be possible with someone who has a deep understanding of who they are, and who may be a teacher of children… 

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:



The moon in Libra makes an easy angle with Mars, an easy angle with Venus, a hard angle with the sun and a hard angle with Pluto.

The moon enters Scorpio at 2:39 PM EDT.

The moon makes an excellent angle with Jupiter.

The sun makes a hard angle with Pluto.


The moon is in Scorpio.

The moon makes an excellent angle with Mercury, a hard angle with Saturn and a hard angle with Uranus.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful weekend


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star