July 22, 2021 Thursday


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs



The sun enters theatrical Leo and for the next four weeks, life will be a blast. You will be the life of parties and gatherings, being animated and jolly and trying to make sure every is having the best time. The problem can arise when you become demanding that they leave their home to join you… so the less pressing you are, the better.         


The sun enters proud Leo and for the next four weeks, you will have a chance to grow and become more of who you want to be this year. You will be confident and unapologetic about your success and your progress. However, you will want to spend time at home as much as possible too, and to enjoy your family.


The sun enters honorable Leo and for the next four weeks, you will enjoy to talk to those who understand you most, and who give you the best feedback. You will show dignity in expressing your views and you will try not to be disrespectful to those who are different than you are. You will try to help those who need to learn, and give of your time freely.


The sun enters honest Leo and for the next four weeks, you will be smart in your business dealings, to show your hand without reservations, and to show that all you are engaged in is on the up and up. Honesty will gain you the respect you deserve. 


The sun enters your regal sign and for the next four weeks, it will give you the chance to reboot from the ground up; anything that needs start up all over again, has blessings to go on and just do it. This is your time to shine and to take care of your own personal business. Enjoy your time in the sun! This time around you can get to the highest highs, so be as daring as you need to be, and don’t procrastinate. 


The sun enters loyal Leo and for the next four weeks, you will have a ‘getting-to-know-myself’ kind of a time. On the outside you will be vivacious and a delight, but on the inside you will be meditative and introspective and soul searching.


The sun enters warm Leo and for the next four weeks, you will find artistic and spiritual ways to enhance your internet and social media presence. You will be inspired to attract new friendships, but you won’t be inspired to be meet immediately IRL. Be careful not to fall into a secrecy filled situation.


The sun enters proud Leo and for the next four weeks, you will seek to get to the top of the heap. And you can! You are the most professionally able to climb to the heights now. You won’t procrastinate and show what a great leader you are. Advance your life forward, but nothing comes easily.


The sun enters fiery Leo and for the next four weeks, you’ll be burning up the phones, tracking canyons and getting ahead on sheer desire to live. You will have fun in love, and even in your professional life you will find it easier to get your way than it has been. 


The sun enters determined Leo and for the next four weeks, joint enterprises will have a chance to transform your life in a meaningful way. You may all just be at the talking stages at this time, but ultimately these conversations will be able to be the foundation for a strong future.


The sun enters boastful Leo and for the next four weeks, you will have to be gentle in your telling loved ones and your business partners about your achievements. You have been doing all you can to improve your life and you have been seeing the results you ought to be proud of, and yet… being humble will be something that will touch their hearts.


The sun enters melodramatic Leo and for the next four weeks, you will be so much occupied, trying to be productive. What can distract you is the way you see your job: To see it as a blessing will bring you joy. To complain about it will only make you unhappy. You are lucky to be busy and lucky to have people who put you in a responsible position.


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will have a year of peaceful coexistence with your loved one. You will be glad to give advice that comes from the heart. You may asked to teach in your profession. If you are in the teaching profession, you will get a job you will enjoy. You will have a year of meeting new people who will improve your life. Love will be possible with someone who enjoys being outdoors and who is spiritual in nature.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The moon is in Capricorn.

Venus makes a hard angle with Jupiter.

The sun enters Leo.

The moon makes an excellent angle with Uranus.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star