September 7, 2021 Tuesday


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



Being hasty could cause you physical harm. You have to be extra careful in all you do, especially at your office. Make sure to go out of your way to be extra nice to someone you may not be so keen on, as this New Moon will set the tone for months to come. Choose peace, and you will find it. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.


Your energy is a beautiful thing to behold on this continuation to the New Moon. You have a great position on how you intend to move forward. You have the guts and gumption to do whatever you need to do to make your life a place of good times no matter where. You are an inspiration to yourself and others, a bright light that shines.


The weekend continues in your home, as the New Moon is causing your home to be in a state of commotion. It could be a very loving kind of commotion, but still it is a mess that needs to get straightened out, so that you can hear yourself think over there. Having had fun is what will carry your spirit forward for months to come. The price is a massive cleanup…


The New Moon continues, and your brain is trying to catch up with your ever perpetually moving body. You are in motion, and don’t seem to be able to stop. Put this amazing energy to good us; find the course that you need, or teach yourself a new software that can enrich your life moving forward. Too much coffee will make you nervous and shaky…don’t spill it, it’s hot…


Try to find ways to save your money. This New Moon is still going on and you may be on a shopping spree from hell. Put a period on this, and only keep the stuff that makes sense. Some of it is too spontaneous for good reasoning. And try not to, by accident, give your pin number to your bank card, to anyone…


The New Moon continues, giving you a chance to be reborn, and choose who you want to become for the next year cycle. Try to accomplish whatever old or new concepts are brewing in your mind. With determined planet Mars in your sign and on your side giving you the push you need. Slippery people can be in the way, but your energy and desire to live are way stronger.


If you need to stay in bed a little later this morning, give yourself the chance to recuperate from your mental strain, love yourself enough to do so. Meditate and do yoga this morning, like the salutation to the sun. It will ease your way to the New Moon’s demand to get up and boogie. Do all you need to do today with a little extra care? Easy does it.


You are in a creative mode. Create a new logo, or learn how to knit that scarf with the time you spend at home. Perhaps you can start making your winter holiday presents, or join a club that teaches people of like mind, as this New Moon is still here giving you the push and the delight to do things that turn you on. 


You are all business as the New Moon continues. You get ready with a mental baseball bat in your mind, as you lack patience to deal with those who are lagging behind, or hung over from the long weekend. Relax! Time is on your side and all will get taken care of… be nice, you got this…


Let the New Moon tell you what and where you see yourself within the next six months. Let your imagination be your guide. Yes, some of your plans are a little out there, but whichever are down to earth, and whatever you can do to propel yourself to move forward, take that into account, and give it a chance. Changes are good.


Some days can bring a person down. And today, you are being overly negative. This New Moon is here to tell you to get off your derriere, and find a way to take care of your health. And don’t do it backwards: find a way to exercise, stretch, do yoga, before you call a doctor to ‘fix’ you. Today, is an excellent day to take the first step in a long road to health and wellbeing.


Relationships are highlighted on the continuation of this New Moon. You may get a little impatient with yourself. Are you trying to ‘win’ a situation? You won’t be able to be in good standing if you want to be the star of the show. If you let them say their piece, you will have peace all the way around. You may want to bring a third party in to be the voice of reason.


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will be loaded with energy! It can be positive energy, or negative energy, depending on how you want to use your time. You will need to meditate, each morning, to calm down internally, so that you can make good decisions. Nothing can stand in your way to a better life. Love will be possible with someone who is very career oriented, and who takes care of their family.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The moon in Virgo makes a hard angle with Neptune, an excellent angle with Pluto and conjoins Mars.

The moon enters Libra at 11:21 PM EDT.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star