February 17, 2022 Thursday


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



Your performance is so surprising and uplifting, that you are the chosen person to make the most money, and you deserve it! Who can resist someone who is this dedicated? And who is willing to sacrifice of their time for the cause. 


This is one of the best days of the month for you. You are the inspiration that gets everyone else motivated today. You get extra points from your team, who are inspired by you, and who are there to support you without hesitation.  Ask, and ye shall receive.


If you lack inspiration, today breaks the block. Your spirit is on fire, allowing you to get up and do the most difficult of tasks with the most ease. You feel like you can conquer the world and still have enough love, compassion and extra energy to help others.


Even if you are not usually known for your gift of the gab, today, everything changes. You are saying exactly what is on your mind in a way that is so engaging, and that is so charming. (Not that you are not charming anyway…) everyone wants to bask in your light. You shine like a light bulb!


Don’t be surprised if you get a surprise invitation to make good money. It may come from an unexpected high positioned person who is looking to help you succeed. You will love the work and you will be blessed to have the opportunity. Don’t knock it before you have try it. 


The moon is in your sign and you rule the day. New and exciting opportunities, if you have the guts and the desire to veer off your schedule and try a new way of doing things. Life is exciting and you are part of the equation.


You come up with emotions you are not familiar with. Consider yourself lucky. You are coming up with solutions that can have you be surprised by your determination to get your life on the track you want it to be on, and not on someone else’ vision on who you are supposed to be like.


Get excited about life! If you are looking for people who can inspire you, you need to expand your acquaintance horizons and try on new kind of people. Get out of your familiar box, and check out new people. The internet can have a whole lot to do about it.  


You may hear about exciting business prospects that can be believed. And a new way to approach the same old job are possible as well. The whole idea here is, that you need to break the mold, step out of the box and give something different a try. Try it – you’ll like it…  


This is one of the best days of the month for you. While you can see the big picture, you need to make a concrete plan and to break it up to small steps that you can follow. Every long journey begins with one step. Allow yourself to take a chance on life.


Today is one of those days where you are able to strike a balance between your career and your home, because you are given the freedom to do your thing. Someone who appreciates your style might ask to invest in you. Say yes, and you’ll make for a great team.


Relationships are highlighted. Team work makes for dream work today. When your communication skills equal opportunity what is there not to like? An interesting conversation will ensue if you are going to have company, or on a date with whomever you want to have a relationship with.


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will be an inspirational and magical year for you. Your intuition will be working overtime, and you need trust your gut feelings. You will be able to increase your income when you go out on a limb. Love will be possible with someone who is spiritual and who likes to take a chance.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The moon is in Virgo.

The moon makes a hard angle with Jupiter and an excellent angle with Uranus.

Jupiter makes an easy angle with Uranus.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star