Saturday, February 19 – Sunday, February 20, 2022


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



Relationships are highlighted this weekend. Make time if you don’t have any, and make sure that you enjoy the weekend doing something special with your better half. Best case scenario, meet up with a bunch of friends and enjoy some laughs. Your work can wait until you are nice and ready…


Whatever task is placed in front of you, you do to perfection, or at you least try to… if you are at work, you do your best job no matter the schedule that may be a little overwhelming. You push that aside, and give it your all. If you are with family, you serve them with love and lots of energy. The problem can arise by having conflicting views on issues, so leave that away from the table.


This is one fabulous weekend for you. It can all be fun and games all weekend long, but you have to make a promise to yourself that you will enjoy this exceptional weekend without getting uptight at anyone. Simply, make a pact with yourself that you won’t sweat the small stuff and let people act out in their foolish ways. Keep love in your heart for all living creatures including humans… lol.


You would like to stay in your pajamas all weekend long, eat chocolates and indulge in your own home. Your loved one may be the first to do for you all they can, and to see you happy is all they want.  At the same time, you want to please your sweetheart and the passion goes both ways. Love is a wonderful thing when it’s good. And it’s good.


Short trips and neighborhood walks in the sun will do you wonders. No matters the pressure from work and your discipline that you have showed this week, you need to let go of all responsibility and do as little as possible. If you must, then work from home, and get out and about periodically. Even stepping out to grab coffee, brings you in contact with people, which is essential to our existence.


You don’t mind at all to be working and making money this weekend. While you are busy laboring and going through your tasks with professionalism and expertise, you do it all while dressed in your dressy apparels and in style. While you do what you do, your heart is filled with love, and a romantic date will make the weekend complete. 


The moon is in your sign for the entirety of the weekend. It’s all about you and you need to take advantage of this. What you are passionate about this weekend are your home and family. Create a picnic in your living room if that is all you can come up with, whip up your favorite dish, if you are inclined, or order your favorite dish in, they love you and won’t mind at all. Stay in bed if that is what you want. Whatever you want, hopefully you can do. Pamper yourself by purchasing a lovely dress or kitchen gadget that can make your life easier. 


You would like to finish up on whatever you have been working on this past week and for even prior to. But try not to make yourself so overwhelmed by it, that it can spoil your weekend. You deserve to pamper yourself, so let it all come to a halt! Stop everything, and take time for rest and recuperation. Take personal time for a bubble bath, or a lobster dinner, whatever you fancy.


This weekend is all about everyone who is with you this weekend. Life is about give and take and your expectations towards them is correct and proper. Yet, they expect the same from you. Whether you are involved at work, or you are hanging out with your buddies, the candid talks make you all the wiser in the end.


You are at the top of the world this weekend, and everyone is bound to do as you say, without any murmur or unhappiness. Seems like everyone wants to please you now so take advantage and show your brilliance. Enjoy a weekend in the limelight. Dress to the nines and go dancing. Do whatever pleases you, this is your chance.


This is one fabulous weekend for you. The moon being in the same element as you are – air, brings all possibilities to the forefront. Your determination is spot on and you can do wonders. So push forward relentlessly. The only thing that has the potential to hold you back, is… drum roll… doubt. Allow yourself to have faith in all that is happening. Keep in mind that everything has a reason. 


The moon is in Libra for the entirety of the weekend. Perhaps it’s because since the sun has entered your sign, but you are in contemplation this weekend, thinking of the past and how it has affected you and thinking of where you would like to see yourself in the future. Intimate talks with a buddy can shed new light, and give you the confidence you need to understand your inner self.


Today’s Happy Birthday:


In the coming year cycle you will look deep into your soul and make internal decisions about the direction you want to take in life. But first, you will have to deal with issues that have to come to a closure. Love will be possible with someone who is has lots of friends and who has a strong personality.

Good luck and God b less you.



In the coming year cycle you will look deep into your past and have the determination to make changes. You will start fresh, and leave all finished and unfinished projects and issues behind. You will move forward and not look back. Love will be possible with someone who is a powerhouse and who has plenty of friends to have a good time with.   

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:


The moon is in Libra.

The moon makes an excellent angle with Mercury.



The moon is in Libra.

The moon makes an excellent angle with Saturn, a hard angle with Venus and a hard angle with Mars.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful weekend


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star