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Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. Well! Mercury has decided to land in your house of you making your money, and retro-gradably see if it can have some fun at your expense… hmmm… what remedy can you have here? Well, to pretend it’s not happening is not a good idea. To get all anxious, worried and upset as if proactively is a screwy idea and also not a good idea. The best way to handle this situation is to be PATIENT. Be watchful be present. Be aware, and above all, do not react hastily. No matter what comes up on your screen, step back, and handle it in a timely manner – wait until you have all the information you need to tackle any financial situation, and with what you want to say or to communicate, be well-rehearsed, and only then, go for setting up the cure. And who knows, maybe the good Lord will spare you any type of aggravation? So whatever you do, enjoy life! But whatever you do, don’t spend all your money in one place, and if you have the opportunity to do so, wait until this is over with. Life is precious, enjoy!


Mercury is in retrograde in your sign, from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. It came about right after the New Moon in Aries in the last degree of Aries and 15 minutes later the moon entered Taurus. The sun followed suit and 4 hours later entered Taurus as well, so even though it’s not considered a New Moon in Taurus, in actuality the sun and the moon were hanging out in the same sign… I would borrow the energy and find a new beginning in Taurus as well. Mercury has already been residing in Taurus since April 3, and began its retrograde motion 24 hours later, the next day, on April 21. All this commotion and emotion, expectations and celebrations are here to jump start our life again. Every day is a beginning and this indicates a period of inner growth. And even though we have to grow and learn every day, life takes over and we may not have time to take care of ourselves or of certain things. But you got here now! Sit yourself down take a look around, have a cup of herbal tea by your side, close your eyes and try to think of nothing at all; relax on the deepest of levels and allow the higher power in you to silence all negative chatter. Short meditations upon waking up to face your day will allow you to be present while this retrograde is going on. It will enable you to grasp situations which you may miss otherwise. Have faith, love your life and embrace the part of you that you love the best about yourself. Work on what is precious to you. Choose your words carefully, drive carefully, ride your bike carefully, and allow the universe to speak to you. Fear nothing, expect the best and be prepared for some delays and some complications. Om shanti Om.        


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. It happens to be taking place in the last house of the chart wheel, and in what is known as the cleansing house of the soul. As it is you are beginning to go through a change of attitude, beginning to go through a change of how you perceive the world around you, and you have the right to become the person you want to become. At this Mercury retrograde, whoever wants to tell you how to live what to think etc. will come across someone who will shut it down quickly, be it verbally or just in your mind. No one can stop the progress as you continue to evolve into the beautiful person you intend to be. You will have a vivid time in your sleep as even your dreams will have an awakening for your soul, and you will be able to discard, hopefully once and for all, at least one subject that ails you and causes you emotional pain.


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. This time around, Mercury decided to retrograde in your house of friendships. You can get very creative with someone who understands you maybe even better than you understand yourself. You may meet a kindred spirit or find a ‘brother from another mother’ as we say. On the flip side to this pancake, you can find that someone you have thought the world of is not in your world at all anymore, and is floating somewhere you don’t want to dip your toes into. Whatever the case may be, they will pop up out of the woodwork to wake you up and acknowledge that they are in your hemisphere. Whether or not you reject their style of friendship, is entirely up to you. But they will blow interesting life into you, and why not go out to a museum or any art show and rekindle a friendship?   


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. This retrograde is in your house of career. Time to rethink how you operate your operation, make small changes even if it is only for this short period of retrograde, or someone else will do it for you… you may have to reshuffle who is involved in your operations. Before you make a decision that you can’t reel back about someone, remember that this is Mercury retrograde time and that you have no control over what someone says about you, or about anything around you for that matter, and should you be asked to give an definitive answer, ask for a little more time to sleep on it and meditate before you give your final answer, and you need more time before you make final decisions. Treat clients and customers with extra loving care, and when they see that your intentions are good, half the battle will be won…


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. Your broad view of the world is in flux. You will begin to see that life may not be as complicated as you have made it out to be, and that who you are and what you do has always been your personal choice that no one can take away from you, no matter what. You have the right to change as an individual and you have the right to present yourself to the world as you choose. This Mercury retrograde, there are pressures from somewhere for you to adhere to someone’s ideas of what is right and what is wrong, and it may not match up with your moral code. It will take some fancy footwork and some searching for correct words on your part to be said, when you choose to speak up, but we know that some people are too stubborn or deaf, and will not hear them anyway, so just keep on doing you, and remain that energetic and inspiring person you normally are, ignore the ignorant and keep being happy.


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. You may want to invest your hard earned money but now is not the best of times since Mercury is in retrograde in the house of investments for you. That doesn’t mean that you don’t want to gather information about the where and with whom etc. but it does mean that you need to have a very good understanding about the subject at hand. If you have any questions at all, now is not the time to put your John Hancock to any piece of paper or any type of signature. There has to be great trust between all parties involved before anything really good can happen. The thing is, is that you possess great energy now, that inspires people to follow what you say, and as a leader you may want to come off more credible than you actually can be right now. Humility is key. Tell them that you need to do more research and that there is no reason to hurry up and do anything. Slow steady and confident is key to success.


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. It happens to be in your house of relationships. You are at a crossroad of whom you feel you can trust and whom not to trust. Trust is a heavy subject that shows its truthfulness with time. So before you write someone off, remember to look at your whole relationship from the first up until now, and be careful how to proceed. Work up a list of what your deal breakers are because of who you are and the moral values you possess and of what makes you an individual. Once you decide that you cannot stay because you cannot trust, you won’t be able to stop yourself and the natural movement you possess will begin the ball rolling of where and with whom you would like to spend your time with. Choose your words wisely, and remember that when you are silent, you are still making progress.  


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. If your office space is driving you crazy with its wrong layout that is simply not allowing you to make connectivity between all the components, it will rub you the wrong way now that Mercury is retrograde, and show you where the problems lay clearly and loudly. Take this time to begin mapping out exactly what you want and what you need done, so that you will be able to live in harmony with your family members who see you as being unorganized even disruptive, so that your family and your business and you can live in peace moving forward. It may cost a little money, but it will be worth your mental state. Everything in its place and a place for everything makes all the difference. It’s funny sometimes how the little things that we don’t even notice or realize on a daily basis, can cause emotional distress and can be fixed so easily. This period will open up your eyes to those kinds of things.  


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. You will have loads of good times with this retrograde. The pitfall will be if you overdo the urgency and zealousness you feel to enjoy life, and then you may forget the warning that naturally come with Mercury retrograde. Having a good time requires that you don’t lose your head. That you keep it screwed on properly no matter who tells you to throw caution to the wind. You know the saying: ‘It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt?’ Your mother may have told you that… exactly. Enjoy precious life this springtime, right now it’s yours to enjoy more than in anyone’s horoscope! Have a blast, but don’t get caught up in someone else idea of what fun ought to be. Get together with birds of your kind of feather, continue or start on an exciting project, and you will do your best work yet! You have wonderful ideas in that head of yours and now is the time to make it into something delightful.  


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. Mercury is in your house of home now, and is poking at your side and pulling on your tee shirt to get your attention, if you have been oblivious, and make you stand up and get started planning on major house renovation or on some small but urgent spring sprucing or painting. Before you decide on a color scheme that will last much longer than this retrograde, bring color swatches home, and mull it over longer than you think you need to, sleep on it, and make a decision you will be happy with in the long term. You will find that you possess lots of energy and enthusiastic elation to get started and make your home a place fit for your family to hang out at this summer. Since this is Mercury retrograde time, definitely expect someone to bring their little dog to pee on your brand new kitchen carpet. Take a deep breath and don’t get mad, lol…   


Mercury is in retrograde in Taurus from Friday April 20, until Sunday May 14, 2023. This is all happening in your house of communications. Choose your words wisely, say little when you can say nothing and visa versa. Yes, you will trip every once in a while and say things you shouldn’t have…but think about it, maybe these words were meant to be said, and maybe you wanted to have them said, and that it took a Mercury retrograde to finally have them blurted out of your mouth. It will be like the cleansing you needed to have with a specific individual that has been a long time coming. Don’t expect the relationship to ever be the same again, but then again that may be your intention in the first place. It will certainly clear the air one way or the other. Do whatever you need to do but do it so that you don’t live with regret.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


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By: Michelle Star