February 27, 2015


Daily forecast for sun signs and rising signs.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences.


Today’s planetary layout:

The Moon enters Cancer at 7:49 AM EST.

The Moon makes a tough aspect with Mars.

The Moon makes a pleasant aspect with Neptune.


What it means in plain language:


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will have the opportunity to start all overt again.

The tricky part will be bringing new people on board, and understanding their

needs. If you did things in the proper way, you prepared yourself to the fact that

things are in the midst of changes. That your job description is no longer what

it used to be and that you’re on a new and uncharted road. You know whom you

can trust because they will play a key roll. Bounce ideas and whatever will be

going on with them, they will be a voice of reason. You may not be able to find

the right partners this year, and going it solo may be the best solution, for now.

Good luck and God bless you.



This is one of the best days of the month for you, if you play it right. The

planets say that you can be happy from morning to night provided you realize

that there are those at your work place or family member, plotting to show that

you are not sincere. Don’t get involved in their petty nonsense. Rise above.

Today’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for my sense of humor that keeps me grounded.”


Don’t allow your temper to get the best of you. There are dreams deep in you

that are the light that you strive to reach. Don’t allow people to squash that

light under any circumstances. Your ego may be hurt, but please, do not react.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for learning to be sensible.”


Communication skills are key when dealing with sensitive issues, such as

confusion. Friends may be careless but don’t question their integrity. Hopefully

you are dealing with a misunderstanding, not intended deception.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for meditation that keeps me centered.”


Life has not been simple recently. You’ve needed to cajole and pacify pesky

partners. You must walk on eggshells still. You certainly don’t want to topple

the apple cart. Your life is depended on it, so let  things roll over your back.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for the sensible way I manage my present.”


The Moon is in your sign and the power is with you. But definitely do not allow

yourself to be drunk with this power. It hinges upon you leaving your ego at the

door. Someone may be trying to play fast and loose with your finances. Stay

humble when you communicate and remember that your life is in your hands.

¬†Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for the wisdom I employ when needed.”


Your nerves are ratted when people you thought you can trust for so long act

strangely. They may be wrong by their behavior, but the planets say that you

mustn’t judge them too harshly. Some day you may need forgiveness yourself.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for my forgiving soul.”


People at your place of work are overly sensitive and may be exaggerating

on a situation. By you trying to be friendly you may get caught in a situation that

can cheapen who you are as a person. Be helpful but don’t get sucked in.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for the classy person I am.”


Someone is trying very hard to upset you. And they can succeed if you let them.

By why topple the apple cart that you’ve worked so hard to build? This is the

test of the wills. Homey will get you further than vinegar, so smile sweetly.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for not falling into traps.”


This is one of the best days of the month for you, if you play it right. You may feel

as though you are on shaky ground when it comes to your business. Protect

coworkers who may be attacked, probably for no good reason. Surprise them by

showing that you care when they stand alone, and turn this thing around.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for people who’ve been there for me for so long.”


You tend to be a ‘right ‘ fighter. You treasure what’s right and are willing to fight

for it. But right and wrong are in the eyes of the beholder. You will only aggravate

and upset people, and consequently hurt your progress if you persist.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for the distance I’ve come so far.”


Relationships are highlighted. Stories you hear about a loved may not

necessarily have to do with reality. Exaggeration is part and parcel with today’s

gossip. Do not make a mountain out of a mole hill and upset your loved one.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for the trust we have between us.”


You can start quite a bit of trouble if you choose your words carelessly. You

may be going happily about your day and may not mean no harm or anything by

it, but things can grow out of control. The less you say, the happier everyone is.

Today’s gratitude:

“I’m grateful for a day of silence and gratitude.”


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a great day











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