January 10, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



The eclipse Full Moon in your sun sign suggests that you are taking a stand about what you prefer to be doing for the next six months, and you will not apologize for your decisions. Some of these decisions may come as a surprise to some who don’t expect this information from you. These revelations may be as surprising to you as they may be to anyone in your life. As long as you are happy, it’s all good. But do think take into consideration their feelings, and be as gentle as you can towards anyone today, as you may be a little prone to emotional outburst.

Friday’s gratitude:

“This is my life to live.”


Today’s eclipse Full Moon brings out the deepest side of you. You may be frustrated at the events in your life which are moving slower than molasses, and to which you have not, as of yet, shown any resolve to satisfy you. But life is a process that takes time, and you are still in the process of making it clear to yourself and to the universe, about what you truly want to see happen and what your Karma dictates. There are familial issues involved, and you have to take them into consideration. It’s a cleansing process that you must not be afraid to get through.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I set to make my Karma right.”


Today’s eclipse Full Moon may turn out to be one of the best Full Moons of the year for you. You want nothing but to enjoy life, and you make a pact with yourself that no one will stop you from having a good time. And should anyone stand in your way, they will be experiencing a tongue lashing to that effect. But once you are let loose, you may choose to put on your dancing shoes and take a dancing class. Your children are not perfect nor do you expect them to be, on the other hand, don’t get into a tit for tat situation with a child… it’s childish…

Friday’s gratitude:

“There is nothing I don’t enjoy.”


On today’s eclipse Full Moon tests your ability to keep composure under demanding circumstances. You are handed an important assignment and you can only make it happen when you are cool calm and collected. You have to put on a poker face. You may be over your head and let it go altogether, and that is ok, because that means that it doesn’t sit well with your soul, and you have to have a good feeling about it, or it’s a no go. Same goes for your love for your home, the changes you want to put forth have to come from your soul.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I make decisions which are connected to who I am.”


On today’s eclipse Full Moon has you rethink what you need to do in order to get your point across. Your communications may come to a halt, if you don’t have your information together in one place. Take your time, separate the immediate from the unimportant and set up a time frame that is conducive by reason and logic. Don’t feel like you have to hurry. The slower you go the better the results, and the more clarity to what you have to do or say. You may come up with a trip that you weren’t thinking of, so give it much consideration before you make a decision.

Friday’s gratitude:

“It’s about communication.”


On today’s eclipse Full Moon you must not succumb to anyone who may be trying to bring your spirit down, be it purposefully or unintentionally. Guard your feelings, and remember that feelings are over rated: it’s more important to know what’s right and do what’s right. If you get sucked into emotions and feelings, remember that they are fleeting and unreliable. And people are people, you can’t be overly effected by them. Remember they reflect on the person and not you, and whether they suck you in or not, is entirely up to you.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I want to live a peaceful life.”


On Today’s eclipse Full Moon, which is in your Moon sign, you have so many decisions to make about how you intend to move into another relationship, or how you intend to regard other relationships going forward, because you have been learning lessons that have been reshaping how you view yourself within a relationship. Will you make the same mistakes again? Hopefully not. Yet you have to treat people kindly today, and not with animosity. You can get worked up and snapping back today, and you need to step back and ask yourself, ‘why’? 

Friday’s gratitude:

“Live and learn.”


On today’s eclipse Full Moon you want to do everything you need to do in a manner that will be efficient and up to par, but you find that it’s much more difficult to do, because you are way slower in motion than you would otherwise think. And perhaps, nature is doing you a favor, and slows you down so that you can do everything the way it has to be done. So before you become frustrated, just remember that nothing of value happens quickly. Relax, and don’t try so hard to manipulate situations that take time to ripen naturally.  

Friday’s gratitude:

“I have to be patient.”


On today’s eclipse Full Moon you are an inspiration to one and all with your wit and desire to live your life to its fullest. It makes you want to spend time with people of like mind. You will do very well when everyone speaks their mind and brings their style into the conversation. You are very determined and fancy these days, and as much as you are confident that you can do it all with flair and creativity, you do have to allow others to showcase their talents as well. You want peace among your peers, so be a shepherd of peace.

Friday’s gratitude:

“Who me? I don’t have an attitude…”


On today’s eclipse Full Moon brings you full circle to thinking about how it all began. The long and winding road, and the struggles you have had to endure, and to those elders and wise people who have mentored you to get to where you are today. You may gather your family for no reason just because you love them for a special occasion, when you realize that being alive is the special occasion. You are looking for a reason to celebrate, and why not celebrate you and your loved ones. There are new and exciting avenues you want to try, and that is another reason to celebrate.

Friday’s gratitude:

“Life goes in cycles.”


Today’s eclipse Full Moon opens up your channel of communications, and allows you to open up about issues you may have been burying and trying to avoid. But there is no avoiding now and for a good reason; you decide to follow your heart and you intend to express your desires with a charm that will melt the hearts of those who listen to you. You intend to follow the route you intend to discover and intend to do it your way, and no one else. When you find your own way, who is going to stand against your wishes? And would it matter anyway.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I find my own route to take.”


On today’s eclipse Full Moon encourages you to find another way to create money? You don’t have to feel stuck in the job you may not like, you don’t have to be unhappy where you are, you can create another resume and begin another way of seeing your potentials. Money matters can dampen your spirit and have you start little fights with those nearest to you, when all you have to do is understand that you just don’t have to settle for what you don’t like, and that maybe it’s not this person’s fault at all today, it may be your internal struggle to admit to yourself.

Friday’s gratitude:

“The future is bright.”


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you, this Full Moon will have you make decisions you didn’t know you are about to make that will take you onto roads unknown, and uncharted territories will fascinate you. You will have to persuade those who you will need along the way, and create alliances and partnerships to support your quests. You are a work in progress as you will expand on what you have been working on for years, but to which have to take a turn to continue.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The Moon is in Cancer.

The Moon makes an excellent angle with Neptune.

Mercury conjoins the Sun.

The Moon opposes the Sun at 2:21 PM EST.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Mercury and a hard angle with Saturn.

Uranus begins its direct motion.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Pluto.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star