October 23, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



The spotlight is on you and you have to come up with the goods. But you would rather be at home doing your thing and not have to answer to anyone, or curled up on the couch. On the other hand, you can’t even believe it, but you are looking forward to having deadlines and to be back to business.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful it’s my time of the year.” 


You need to unload weight off your chest, and there is no one who can stop you. Please remember that Mercury is going in retrograde, so don’t divulge more than you think is healthy for you. Above all, give yourself the break you give others! You are way too hard on yourself.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for being able to have an opinion.”


You know that you can do more with the assistance of creative people and it is much more fun, besides. A zoom session puts everyone’s heads together for a brainstorming that is tense, compact with information, and that bring you results that translate to more profit, when you will get paid. 

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for the creative people in my life.”


Use today, after the Moon enters your sign, to charm people smoothly, and to find some information that is deeply secretive. Your charms are like the Mata Hari’s, and your aim is so sharp and precise. No one will believe that you have this much nerve and backbone, to learn what you need to know. 

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for finding out at long last.”


People may say that you have lofty ideas that you are then trying to convince others about. But you just have an idea of how to live life to its fullest, and how to enjoy the rich inner life that you are blessed with. You can’t enjoy this by yourself, be charitable and inspire those who can use an inspiration nowadays.  

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for having the inner spirit I possess.”


Friendships are highlighted when you want to see find out if someone is your still a friend? Or what happened that has you suddenly at odds? It takes work to make any relationship work, so remind your friend that you are there for them, and that a little misunderstanding ought not to grow into mountains. 

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for my friendships.”


You feel a sense of renewal when you are back in charge of your life, and back in the driver’s seat. You need to keep conversations short and with as much precision as possible. And then live your life the way you want to. Don’t expect understanding, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful that time keeps moving on.”


You can’t be in more than one place at a time. So if you have to make changes to your schedule, don’t feel too bad about it. What you can accomplish today is a lot, if you just concentrate on one subject at a time. But if you don’t put your blinders on, and put the phone down, you can end up empty handed.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for being able to be so prolific.”


You may be a little too willing to get into a rumble with someone who is in an authoritative position. You may be a little too sensitive to what you hear. The best way to handle the day, is to not pay attention to the outside noise that is meant to distract. Stay focused on wanting and promoting peace at all costs.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for your presence in my life.”


No matter how much you are running around, there is yet more to be done. There is someone who is ready to make your load even greater, and you have to think whether it fits into your busy life or is it overkill? You home life is calling to you, so make your decisions based on whether it fits into your lifestyle.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for my busy life.”


You mean business and nothing can stop your progress. But when someone comes up with a hair raising scheme, you need to give it a lot of thought, and not get into a back and forth conversation of clarifications or defenses. Let your work ethic speak for you.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for the challenges I’ve had to overcome.”


Nothing can stop you from breaking through barriers. And you want to compensate yourself with a reckless retail therapy day. Who can blame you? Anything to make up for the last few months… you can come up with an outfit that is original and that you haven’t thought of, but spontaneity is your name today.   

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for having a spunk that is unquenchable.”


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will start all over if you have to. If you could have your way, you would start all over anyway. You have learned, in this pandemic, about what is really important in life. It isn’t possessions as much as it is your family, and there is nothing you would like more than to include them into your plans. Love will be possible with someone who is home loving, and who is not shy about taking issues head on. 

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Saturn.

 The Moon enters Aquarius at 8:18 AM EDT.

The Moon makes a hard angle with the Sun and a hard angle with Mercury.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star