Saturday, October 24 – Sunday, October 25, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



On Saturday when you are in love you have no problems. Even if you are mixing up metaphors and speaking in riddles, you are entirely excused. Friendships flourish when you tend to them like flowers need water. Which brings you rushing into Sunday, and into a full blown romantic love fest with all you all, even though Mercury retrograde meets up with the Sun, both in your sign, up close and personal. Yes, you do need to decide to be on your best behavior.  


On Saturday you need to take every precaution to listen to your instincts, although you are totally supported by your boss. And if you are the boss, you are helpful and sympathetic. The problem can arise when you don’t listen to your inner dialogue and you think that it’s misleading. In this case, you worry that you may be irrational. On Sunday, you won’t mind having a personal day to think and rest. Just to refresh your mind. 


On Saturday your wish is our command! Whatever your little heart desires, just say the word, and it is delivered to you on a platter. Venus is shining on you! It’s nice to get a break from the insanity we have been living in… just don’t do anything drastic. On Sunday you have no choice but nitpick what others are doing, and find that you can do things better. But for the sake of peace, let it stay as it is. Let them exercise their right to be independent thinkers.  


On Saturday the Moon is in your sign and you have a warm and fuzzy feeling about yourself. You see how far you have come, how much you have sacrificed, and how well things have turned out, disregarding this year… you build up confidence that spills over to Sunday, when you make decisions that may be long term; but before you sign on the dotted line, or commit to it in other ways, ask for time to sleep on it, because Mercury retrograde conjoins with the Sun, and to be over confident is dangerous.


On Saturday whisper soft words of love into your loved ones ears, and they’ll eat out of your hands. Speak of issues that only the two of you intimately can speak of, things that no one knows but you two. Your personal dreams of what you long to do and where you want to visit, to feed your soul. On Sunday, there is a sense of cleansing that washes over you as you are reborn, when the Moon enters your sign later on in the day. You become an accepting person who understands that we are all different from one another, unique and inspiring.


On Saturday you try to please, and keep trying to please. You want to do more for the ones who depend on you, but you have to think of your health and of your limitations and various obstacles in your way. You come to the realization that you have to be good to yourself, so on Sunday, and let go of old hurts that are holding you, you free yourself, replenish your spirit, and find inner happiness, so that you have more of yourself to offer to others. 


On Saturday being in love with yourself is a good thing, and don’t forget to you give the same sense of compassion to yourself, the kind that comes naturally to you, when you give freely to others. On Sunday, the more you try to explain yourself the more you get entangled in your tongue. Who cares what they think (you do), or why they’ve ghosted you. It’s their loss… love yourself and don’t blame yourself with false responsibilities to some who don’t deserve it.


On Saturday you want to be a couch potato today and that’s it. You want to hide from the insanity of our situation, but you may have to venture out and then get into the wiping the items you brought in, that is time consuming and exhausting physically but mainly mentally. On Sunday, you have so many chores to take care of, you are ready to give up before you started. In a way it’s a good thing, since you can make mistakes, when Mercury your ruler, comes the closest to the Sun. …you are even lazier than you were yesterday… lol.


On Saturday, some amazing people have shown themselves to you recently, and you are in the position to thank someone pivotal to your life. Take the opportunity to have an intimate and sincere thanks. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate attempt, as a matter of fact, the shorter the better. On Sunday, your dramatic flair needs to get checked and reeled in, before you get a tattoo you may regret… being impulsive has it’s time and place, but today, you really need to be less dramatic.


On Saturday, if someone disappoints you, who perhaps, owes you money, you may want to be compensated, of course. However, you have to approach this person with extreme caution. After all, Mercury is in retrograde now and furthermore, on Sunday, it gets thisclose conjunct with the Sun. If you want to show your love, it can be accomplished with gestures and with actions, rather than with words. A little unexpected celebration in your kitchen brings your hearts together.    


On Saturday, Venus in your sign is making beautiful music with Saturn; romance is running as hot as can be, but you being a practical being, are more interested in finishing your job, and only then you become a lover who won’t quit. On Sunday, Mercury your ruler, in retrograde, comes the closest to the Sun, and your words can get combabulated, so don’t try to create lengthy scenarios. Try to stick to the subject at hand that you are well versed in it. Should you utter something unexpected, explain it immediately, don’t allow it morph into something you didn’t intend.


On Saturday, you are in a most forgiving mood. You have had your time with the Sun for a month, and what came to your mind primarily, and warms your heart, is that your family is more important than you thought possible before. You find that your heart is connected to your family, and to those who came before you who gave you strength by example. Or elders you gave special attention to. On Sunday, a small financial matter can balloon into a large issue, if not handled immediately, and put to rest. But it can be handled with grace and simplicity, and curtesy and quickness.


Today’s Happy Birthday:


In the coming year cycle you will continue on the path you have chosen, and be lucky to find that you don’t have to start on any new paths, just give it time. You will be admired for your compassionate ways. People will not understand you as you think they ought to, but don’t make it into an issue; the proof will be in the pudding when all is said and done. Your home may go through renovations that will make you happy. Love is possible with someone who understands people, and who likes to help humanity.

Good luck and God bless you.



In the coming year cycle you will have enough loving energy to spare! You will be an example of how to live a life well. You will be thoughtful and entertaining and compassionate and inspiring. Do the same for yourself as you would for others, and you will have a winning year. Love will be possible with someone who is home loving, and who will bring joy to your life by way of having friends come over regularly.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:


The Moon is in Aquarius.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Uranus.

Venus makes an excellent angle with Saturn.

The Moon makes an easy angle with Mars.



Mercury retrograde conjoins the Sun.

The Moon enters Pisces at 5:19 PM EDT.

The Moon makes an excellent angle with Mercury and an excellent angle with the Sun.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful weekend


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star