November 27, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



You may find situations in your day today that do not go along with your way of life. Whoever doesn’t fit in, may find their way out the door. The reason you give yourself is that they just ‘went too far’ with handling you roughly. Whatever rough means to you. You have to get back to work, but these emotions are making it difficult.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for holding on to this job.”


This is one of the best days of the month for you. Someone you count on and think are rock solid, may have their own problems and therefor are turning their back on you. It may be unintentional on their part, but its best that you ignore the situation and see if it disappear just as quickly it appeared. You’d like to believe that their loyalty must be stronger than this flaky behavior on their part, exposes.  

Friday’s gratitude:

“I appreciate my steadfast friends.”


You are much too busy to get involved in a situation that can compromise your career. But you have to get involved, and to get to this behind you as quickly as possible. Get down to the reason this is happening, find out the ‘why’ in this situation, if possible, and tell whomever it may concern that you don’t accept this and that you won’t stand for it, and that you must nip it at the bud.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for my career.”


When you excitedly speak your mind, and someone jumps down your throat about it, and you just don’t know how to approach the situation. The best way is to not put your foot down, and to double down on you opinions, but to rather, think of it as someone who has lost their mind over something entirely different, that may not be important, and to which they give too much importance to.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for knowing what is important to me.”


There may be a darn good reason to worry about someone with whom you are entangled with financially, so don’t get into any decisions about your partnership today. This day is too much of an ‘up in the air’ kind of a day to put all your eggs into one basket only. The way to erase the worry, is to have a ‘wait and see’ attitude. Nothing is written in stone today.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for taking it easy today.”


The Moon is in your sign and you rule the day. A surprising partnership that is exciting, can step into your life. The thing is that there is an unpredictable element to this situation that may or may not be compatible with you. Only time will tell, and not too long of a time either, you will find out rather quickly which way the wind is blowing about this eccentric individual.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for the characters that enrich my life.”


When you are in the middle of doing a chore, or a job, and someone tells you to quit in mid action and do whatever they think is more important. Now, if it’s your boss talking, there is nothing you can do but ditch it suddenly. But should it be someone who you have no obligation towards, it’s a difficult situation to decline diplomatically, and without ruffling anyone’s feathers.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful to be standing my ground.”


You find great joy in doing something special for your loved one. This surprises them, hopefully in a good way. And visa-versa: someone can surprise you with a token of appreciation, which comes out of the blue. Receive it graciously, and enjoy the attention. A new love affair can break up just as easily as it has started, so have a ‘wait and see’ attitude, before you put your whole heart into this.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for not going into things hastily.”


The company you keep in your home may be eccentric, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. But don’t bank your bottom dollar that it is permanent company. Only time will tell. And not even too long of a time span. You will find out if this person is suitable at your dinner table, and you will be able to enjoy more dinners together. 

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for the people who cross the threshold of my home.”


This is one of the best days of the month for you. Not everything that you think is important, needs to be exposed to the world. It’s best to keep things to yourself today, than to jeopardize something that is working for you. You make surprising changes in the way you see the world. Not everything you thought was important in the world or true, really is, and what you thought was a lie, now you see as truth.  

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for philosophically evolving. “


Many items look very enticing on this Black Friday; if you buy everything, you can get entangled with too many refunds. Chances are you will change your mind as soon as you purchase them. On the other hand, you will regret not purchasing something beautiful that you were afraid to hit the ‘buy now’ button. It’s a delicate line that you only can define. Buy it and see what happens, may be the best way to go.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for having money to ‘shop till I drop’.”


Relationships are highlighted. You can try your best to impress someone who you want to have in your life, but you can only be yourself, and hope they like to be in your life. Tantalizing people at first glance, can be fickle in reality. But your true and tried loved ones who may not look all glitzy, are the real thing that will keep you happy for a long time. On the other hand, eccentric people can be your cup of tea…

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for enjoying my unconventional loved ones.”


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will be inclined to do whatever you see fit, and find it difficult to fit into any mold that someone else has built for you. You want to be the one who calls the shots. You will learn the art of diplomacy, and how to live your best love on your principles and on your own terms. A family member may be too fickle to depend on, and you will learn to have an independent attitude, and to trust your own instincts. Love will be possible with someone who is excitable, unpredictable and who loves to work out.  

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The Moon is in Taurus.

Mercury makes an easy angle with Pluto.

Venus makes a hard angle with Uranus.

The Moon makes conjoins Uranus and a hard angle with Venus.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star