Saturday, November 28 -Sunday November 29, 2020


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



On Saturday, there is an easy away about you as you go about your weekend routine, exhausted from the recent holiday, but with a whistle on your lips you go about doing your chores. Even your mind is more at ease, as your home will become a place with less stress. On Sunday, relationships take center stage, as you speak from your heart. Don’t hold anything back as the truth will set you free.


Saturday is one of the best days of the month for you. You are pushing yourself to the limit, but you can finally look deeply at yourself, and see the things that have happened in this year, and how they have affected the way you present yourself to the world. On Sunday, fun is all you crave, even though you get some opposition from someone who wants you to be serious, but you won’t have any of it…


On Saturday, you are happy to entertain on a zoom call right from your home. Perhaps even a whole entire meal with someone, in the company of those you love? Not a bad Saturday for the weird world we live in… Celebrate a new understanding and a new relationship with your money. On Sunday, you need a day to turn off the outside noise and find time to meditate sweetly. The boss may need your attention, unfortunately.


On Saturday, communication flow freely as it’s easy for you and your friend to express yourselves and have a few laughs. It’s because you are beginning to have a better look at yourself, and like what you see. On Sunday, you want to cook a hearty meal for your family and then wrap yourself in a blanket and stream a long series… put your phone and tablet in the other room, you won’t want to be disturbed…   


On Saturday, you may be shopping for your friends today, or come across gifts that you see will fit their personality so well. You are almost beginning to feel better in your psyche as well. Time is moving on and the dreaded 2020 is on its way out! Yes! On Sunday, rev up the engine and go for a ride into nature. Look around, and have a sense of freedom that will inspire you to think of your next career move.


On Saturday, the Moon is in your sign and you are in the mood to be more ambitious, to set new goals, and to see what improvements you can do for your business. This is a busy working day for you. You are starting to clear up affairs with a close friend, in a murky unclear situation. On Sunday, you want to get grounded for the next week, and you want to prepare to be able to satisfy your boss, while making the money you know you deserve to make.


On Saturday, you are tired but satisfied with whatever made you so tired, probably from our last holiday, lol, so there is a deliciousness in your body you don’t mind at all. You have a feeling that your career will get on the right footing for the next year, and you are so right on. On Sunday, the Moon slides into your sign, and you have a great sense of hope that this year is coming to an end, and that you will be able to find your smile again, somehow…  


On Saturday, you wish relationships would always be as smooth sailing as they are today! You are in your element to have a fun and satisfying time loving up with your special friend. Your communication skills are having a change for the better, you won’t feel clamed up but any more but much freer… On Sunday, you want to snuggle up in the bosom of your family, playing games and watching sport events. But some of you will have to be pried away and go to work.


On Saturday, you can finish up on issues that you need to work on, so that you can bring the coming year in with a cleared desk top. It’s a good day for it, since there are no distractions from anyone. Peace and a clarity of consciousness that will continue after today is done. On Sunday, there is so much fun to be had no matter where you are or what you do. Life is a bowl of cherries… well, almost… it’s still 2020…


On Saturday, this is one of the best days of the month for you. Your energy is high and you are thinking of what steps to take, to move forward, and it doesn’t seem as daunting. The persons you need to contact for that to happen, begin a new phase with you, and the possibilities will remain encouraging. On Sunday, you are single minded and focused on making your business hum as much as possible, under and considering the conditions we live in.


On Saturday, if your home is in need to be cleaned spic and span or you need to get a messy situation under control, today is your day. Put on music, and dance your work away. Mess be gone! You will be having a much easier time in that respect from now on, going forward. On Sunday, the world is calling your name, and you are dreaming of the day when it will open up to us all. You are planning your next trip or vacation. Dream on, it will happen…


On Saturday, relationships are highlighted. If there is any kind of communication that you have found too difficult to express, you can tackle this today with the confidence that you will be heard, and that you will be loved for it going forward. On Sunday, don’t get down in the dumps… hang in there! Or let go of inhibition and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, and then put a limit of a time on sadness, by getting busy with a positive distraction of self-love and self-care.


Today’s Happy Birthday:


In the coming year cycle you will a meticulous worker who will think about every little detail that will put you a notch above the rest. You will show how much respect you have towards whatever you will be involved in. You may have to take a course or two to shape up on the latest technologies, and you may even branch your career right out of your home. Love will be possible with someone who may have a large family, who is a little eccentric in their approach to life, and who has a very clear vision of what they want to achieve.  

Good luck and God bless you.



In the coming year cycle you will look at your life, and contemplate all the events that led you to where you are today. It was all a learning tool, and now you will be making preparations to make the subtle changes that will make you happy going forward. You will want to make peace with whomever you may have had a difficult time with, and start with a clean slate the relationship that meant so much to you. Love will be possible with someone who likes to do sweet surprising acts of kindness, and who is a lot of fun to be with. 

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:


The Moon is in Taurus.

The Moon makes an easy angle with Neptune.

Neptune begins its direct motion.

The Moon makes an excellent angle with Pluto.

Mercury makes an easy angle with Jupiter.



The Moon in Taurus makes an excellent angle with Jupiter, a hard angle with Mercury and an excellent angle with Saturn.

 The Moon enters Gemini at 11:16 AM EST.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful weekend


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star