February 26, 2021


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



Just as you think that your body is betraying you, and that you are being sapped out of energy, perhaps because it’s the end of the work week that you get a shot of energy that appears in the shape of a good looking person who catches your eye and your interest and appeals to your senses. If you are already in a relationship, this is a fine Friday for a romantic interlude with your loved one.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for the people who have saved me during this pandemic.”


Just as you think that you must have been crazy having spent a certain amount of money on a project, and that you may have taken a chance on something unreasonable, that you realize that you are just beyond tired on this end do the week Friday, and that you’d better retire early, and give yourself time to recuperate. Life will seem so much more reasonable and reassuring in the morning.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for giving my mind a chance to rest.”


Just as you think that you lack the security you want to have in your life; security about your future, or security in the place you live, not knowing if you will be able to afford your place, that you find that you’re being assisted by the best people in the world: the ones who have been there for you all along, and once you spend some fun time with them, you realize it was all in your head, not reality.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for the great friendships I have developed in my life.”


Just as you think that things are hopeless, that life won’t get any better, that this damn pandemic will last forever, and when your mind is racing overtime and not in a good direction, that you get this wonderful piece of information, and that project you have been wanting to get involved with, the one you told a higher up about, is taken seriously, and that working on your dreams is a good thing.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for being involved in interesting work.”


Just as you think that you are being betrayed by an old ally, a friend from way back when, or that someone is trying to make you jealous of them; you realize that your happiness has nothing to do with what others are saying, that it comes from within, the place that they may have been underestimating you for your strength. And you decide not to reply, nor get down to their level,

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for being independent of emotional ups and downs.”


Just as you think that don’t have the power to answer those in high position, those who are giving you a run for your money; that you realize it’s your life, that you can ask for the amount you need to make, and that you do have the strength to look them in the eye and tell them of what an asset you are and will continue to be, because you know your worth. When you know your worth, so will they.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for knowing that I am an asset.”


Just as you think that it’s all gone to hell in a hen basket, that have to go back to the drawing board, and start all over; that someone who appreciates you, lends a helping hand, boosts your confidence, maybe even speaks on your behalf, and you come back to believing that you are doing what is necessary to make your life a better place. That you are on the right track, and that all will be well.  

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for growing in confidence.”


Just as you think that you are about to lose your temper about something that has been a reoccurring theme, or that you are at the end of your wits about someone, who has been a thorn in our side testing your integrity over and over; that you realize you are doing things for the service of a greater cause, and that your heart is peaceful about your intentions and that no one can steal your joy.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for rising above the muck and mire.”


Just as you think that someone has it in for you, that someone’s intentions are not in your best interest, perhaps you need to do some more investigating before you hire this person. Just as you think that you will remain on your own doing what needs to get done; is when your creative side kicks in to remind you that you have what it takes, whether with or without any help.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for knowing my power.”


Just as you think that you feel sad about having lost someone special to you, someone you have relied on for so long, with whom you had the same goals set up, but who found another place to hand their hat; that new forces are coming up on the horizon, positive influences, who want to join in with you, and who want to see you achieve the goals you want to meet.  

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for finding people who believe in me.”


Just as you think that a love affair or an infatuation has come to an abrupt end, that someone jilted you, and you feel sad about it; that another opportunity comes up that opens up your world, and which brings a sense of home and a sense of security, and that other person is better off being gone. You allow faith to take over, and you allow a higher power be the one to decide for you.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for listening to the signs the universe is sending me.”


Just as you think that you are pouring good money after bad in your home renovation project, or that you are disappointed in the estimates that certainly can break your bank and which are unreasonable; that you find another source to match your expectations, and where you can find the assistance you need without the drama and without questionable behavior on their part.

Friday’s gratitude:

“I am grateful for keeping on keeping on.”


Today’s Happy Birthday:

In the coming year cycle you will think about how to create your nest egg, and find a way to raise your income. You will be assisted by your family more than in the past, and find that working with one or more of them can be beneficial for all involved. You will be a lover not a fighter, someone who promotes for peace under all circumstances. Love will be possible with someone who may be in the creative arts, who loves what they do and who will bring joy into your life.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:

The Moon in Leo makes a hard angle with Mars.

The Moon enters Virgo at 12:07 PM EST.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Venus.


enjoy your authent   ic self

live with passion


have a wonderful day


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star