Saturday, February 27 – Sunday, February 28, 2021


The Only Horoscope Worth Reading.

A synopsis of today’s planetary influences

for sun signs and rising signs.



On Saturday, the once a year Full Moon in your sign. Halleluiah! The Moon is in your relationship house which means that you are thinking about the relationships in your life. You are reevaluating the good relationships and want to eliminate the bad ones. You don’t have to continue where love is not the way you want it to be. But if you are in love, and it’s being reciprocated, a bouquet of roses, and a poem of sweet words, is all you need to strengthen the bond. On Sunday, the planets are powerfully and positively placed. Whatever you need, ask for it and chances are you get your way.


On Saturday, the Full Moon today, brings your attention to taking care of your health. The recent events in life, this pandemic, have brought you to realize that you have been neglecting your health. And when you are not one hundred percent, your family and those who depend on you get less than all that you are and all that you can offer. Declutter your office space and your mind will get the relief it needs as well. On Sunday, relationships are highlighted, so when you feel less cluttered and when you have had some exercise, life feel nicer and your loved ones get to deal with the best you.


On Saturday, with today’s Full Moon, your creativity is powerful and you can come up with an interesting logo. Good thing the Full Moon happens on a weekend, because you want to come out and play and do the things that you can’t do on a week day, because you wouldn’t have time for fun and games. Your children are also on your mind today. On Sunday, fantastic energy for earth signs. Get those creative ideas out in the open, show them to the world, and work on what makes you happy. Later on in the day, exhausted from all the fun you’ve had, you are glad to get back to normal…


On Saturday, the Full Moon today, domestic bliss is what you seek and you go to any length to achieve it. Even if it means turning your house upside down, and then put it back together, spreading your furniture in ways you never thought of before. The commotion will only make you have the laughs you crave, and you will be happy with the results. On Sunday, the sense of relief, of having taken care of your home, in a way that will translate for the next six months, the endorphins you feel from the workout you had going through all the motions and exercise it provided is fantastic!


On Saturday, the Full Moon today gets you in a talkative mood. You want to talk to anyone who will listen. You don’t care if the conversations are about anything profound, or just a whole lot of getting together for coffee and talk about whatever. Does every day have to have a profound reason to exist? You have a view of the world and you enjoy discussing it. Peacefully, please… On Sunday, to go hiking sounds just like the thing to do. Grab your honey or a friend, pack a lunch and enjoy the view. Later on in the day, there is no place like home to come back and collapse after a fun day.


On Saturday, the Full Moon today, takes your attention straight on your resources and on your means of income, and about what makes the world go round: money. The world has gone through a pandemic, and you too have had your share of feeling its consequences. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and makes new plans on how to make a living in a way that you enjoy. On Sunday, solutions to your monetary situation become clear and you have a sense that all will be well. Make plans that will take you for the next six months.


On Saturday, the once a year Full Moon in your Moon sign! Halleluiah!! The Moon is in your first house of the self, and speaks about your aspirations. Whatever you desire to achieve for the next six months is what you are preoccupied with. The way that you go about what you want to achieve is what people see. The more respect you show for yourself, the more respect you receive. Put your desires and intentions out there for the world to know and you will reach your goals. On Sunday, fantastic energy for earth signs; when you take a chance on yourself, is when you get noticed and not taken for granted. Own your strength and respect your journey. If you don’t know your value, who can?


On Saturday, the Full Moon today, makes you feel melancholy about things that came and went before. You reminisce on what transpired for the past six months, and need to let go of issues that have been causing you pain, without giving you any gain. Your intuition is spot on, and you need to listen to what your intuition tells you, and act accordingly. On Sunday, your self-awareness is working overtime, so you continue in the expelling of baggage you have accumulated. Later on in the day, the Moon enters your sign, and you regain your strength and sense of faith in yourself.   


On Saturday, the Full Moon today, and the attention is on group activities, and on the people who are there for you on a daily basis. The energy is on the ones who make your world go around. The energy is on those without whom you wouldn’t be able to do the things you do. Thank them, show them appreciation, and strengthen the bond with those who matter the most. If someone there is not showing you the respect you deserve, rethink their value. On Sunday, you get the chance to reflect on what has transpired recently, and meditate on what you want to do in the next couple of weeks.


On Saturday, the Full Moon today, your mind is on your career, and what you need to do to propel it forward. You have been listening and learning and doing all the things you needed to do, and today, there is a sense of accomplishment. A sense of confidence that you are headed in the right direction.      On Sunday, try to keep anything you are unsure of under your vest, and only speak of the things you are certain of. Later on in the day, you want to relax with old friends whether virtually on IRL. You have a great time together, and you even get information you need to help you professionally.                        


On Saturday, on this Full Moon today, if you want to play hooky and not go to work, sometimes that kind of desire is stronger than you know. And you know what a Full Moon can do… enjoy your day. But if you must work, your mind is on what is going on outside the window, so you have to concentrate doubly… On Sunday, fantastic energy for earth signs and you come up with ideas so brilliant you can hardly contain yourself. In your notepad, make sure to commemorate your thoughts. You will get to them when the time is ripe to use them… they will come in very handy.


On Saturday, the Full Moon today, can be a roller coaster of emotions. How to guard yourself from going too far in? You need to realize that you are human, and need to treat yourself with kindness. Whatever problems have come up, certainly, the pandemic was tough on you and created plenty of havoc, and you are now, cleansing your soul from its consequences. On Sunday, you have a very clear sense of how to heal, so use the road you know works for you. Later on in the day, you feel much lighter hearted from purging all the pain, hopefully, you let go of last year’s troubles.


Today’s Happy Birthday:


In the coming year cycle you will look at your life as a whole, look at the past year and try to take a spiritual view on your life. You will make subtle changes. The kind of changes that you can feel in your soul. You will view your relationships through the same lens, and only want to see those who you feel keen connection with. Love will be possible with someone who is a soul mate and who answers to your spiritual quest.

Good luck and God bless you.



In the coming year cycle you will look at your life as a whole and look at the past year, and see the profound effect that it had on your life. You have become so much stronger, and a much more resilient person, and these are the qualities you will develop going forward. Nothing will stand in your way, because you are a powerful individual. Love will be possible with someone who loves life, who is fun to be with, and who has artistic tendencies.

Good luck and God bless you.


Today’s planetary layout:


The Moon is in Virgo.

The Moon makes an excellent angle with Uranus.

The Moon opposes the Sun: Full Moon at 3:17 AM EST.

The Moon makes a hard angle with Neptune.



The Moon in Virgo makes an excellent angle with Pluto and an excellent angle with Mars.

The Moon entered Libra at 2:17 PM EST.


enjoy your authentic self

live with passion


have a wonderful weekend


for entertainment purposes only

By: Michelle Star